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Top 5 Leg Problems which Women Suffer from

Nithya Lakshmi | May 1, 2018

Leg pain may indicate that you aren’t having enough rest or it might even be a serious issue, for which you need to consult a physician, which must not be neglected. Pain in the legs can indicate a variety of problems.

Here are the 5 most common leg problems that women suffer from-

1) Sciatica

Pain occurs in the lower back of your body at the sciatic nerve. This, in turn, runs down to your legs causing weakness, numbness or even tingles thereby causing a difficulty in moving. This pain occurs in either of your legs and makes it difficult for you to sit, stand or even walk properly. This pain develops over time and is not due to an injury or any other cause. It is common for people between 40-50 years of age.


2) Shin Splints

A common leg pain experienced by women and mostly among athletes is shin splints. This occurs mostly in the lower part of the leg on the inside or on the outer part. This can simply be explained as a pain that is caused due to too much of stress happening too soon in your body or it may also be due to wearing shoes, no physical activity wherein the muscle is torn off the bone. It is also referred to as muscle inflammation.


3) Achilles Tendon

This is a tissue on your lower leg connecting your calf muscle to the heels. An Achilles tendon fracture pops with a swollen lower leg. With a tissue tear, you might end up with an impaired movement which swells due to sudden heavy activity. Pain, swelling, discoloration or warmth are symptoms of damage to the Achilles tendon.


4) Charley Horses

This is a muscle contraction that occurs in any part of the body but mostly in legs. This is something that women face in winter season thereby making it difficult to walk. This will usually last for from few seconds to minutes and is cured at home. But if it occurs frequently then you must consult a physician. Poor blood flow to the muscles, excessive workout sessions focussing a particular muscle, and dehydration are few causes.


5) Deep Vein Thrombosis

Commonly called as DVT is a blood clot that occurs in the lower part of your leg and this can be serious over time if not cured as it might block the blood flow to your lungs. Symptoms of DVT include discoloration of your leg towards the calf, warmth or severe pain with cramps.

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