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Use Kitchen Utensils to make these Creative Rangolis!

Bindiya Sharma | October 31, 2018

The echo of firecrackers, the sweetness of candies & sweets, every home decked up like a bride, the beginning of happiness is Diwali… now just a few days away!. When it comes to decorating the house for Diwali, how can we forget Rangoli? Whether you know how to make it or not, the following rangoli designs and the video links provided to make them will surely win your heart. One more thing…do mention in the comments section, which rangoli design is your favorite.

1) Beautiful Free-Hand Rangoli Design

To make this beautiful rangoli, you need a plate, a bowl, a sieve, colors and your skill. Very easy to make but when it is ready, it will look as if an expert has made it!


2) Unique Border Rangoli Design

To make this great border design, you will need a steel sieve, a wide toothed comb and colors. Due to the border design, it can be made in all the corners of the house or even on the doorstep.


3) Easy and Quick Rangoli Design

For this design you will need a pressure cooker rubber ring, a bowl, a thin stick, a bangle and a bottle of chutney kept in the house. This design truly lives up to its name in being quick and easy. So what are you waiting for? Just pick up the rangoli colors and get started on the floor!


4) Kalash, Footprints and Swastik Rangoli

This Rangoli expresses Diwali in the truest sense. All shapes made in this rangoli are for happiness and prosperity. For this rangoli, you need to have two big  bangles, 2 small bangles, 1 ear bud, a sketch pen and a bowl. In the video link, you can see the magic created by these common household items!


5) Bouquet Rangoli Design

The only thing you need to make this creative and lovely rangoli is a dried sketch pen.The creativity is just awesome! Just click on the video to know more..


6) Creative Rangoli Design

Unique, amazing and unimaginable design! Because you cannot imagine what all just a simple kitchen grater can do. Get to know after watching this video!


Bindiya Sharma




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