Vaastu Tips for Getting Ahead in your Career

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Vaastu shastra literally translates as the science of architecture. It is a good idea to have good vaastu in one’s office and home to ensure harmony and balance between the five elements of nature and man. Good vaastu helps in attracting positive energies while deflecting the negative ones, and plays a major role in career growth.

An ancient Indian science, Vaastu shastra believes in enhancing positive energy. According to science, everything from the direction of the room to the position of the entrance door, gadgets, colours, material, etc. can make a difference in a person’s life. Therefore, good vaastu can not only support a person in all spheres of life, including career, it can also develop it considerably.


Here are a few easy to follow vaastu tips for career growth: 


  • Office location: If one holds a high position in a company, then their office should be in the south west direction of the building. The person should also sit in the south west direction of the office and face north or east while conducting business.
  • Sitting arrangement: Sit with back against a wall. The wall represents support. Hang a painting of mountains on the wall behind your back. It strengthens the support. Use a high-backed chair for sitting as it helps in maintaining the right posture while signifying support.
  • Furniture type: Irregularly-shaped and circular furniture should be avoided. Choose either a square or a rectangle table for the workplace. Though a glass table top (if the office is in the west of the building) is preferred, a wooden table also works fine. Broken furniture should either be repaired or replaced immediately.

Décor: Place a water fountain in either the north eastern corner of the office or the desk. One can use fresh flower arrangements in the east of the office. Make sure that the flower arrangement has some buds as these signify new, upcoming opportunities. Place a lamp or light one daily in the south east corner of the office to attract good luck and money. The south east corner can also be decorated with plants to support business and finance.

  • Gadgets: All heat generating gadgets like computers and television should be placed in the south east corner of an office. Try that the fittings are done in such a manner that there are no visible wires.
  • General etiquettes: An open space in front invites new ideas and keeps the creativity flowing. Keep the office well-lit and avoid completely darkening it. The north eastern part of the office should be clutter free and tidy. Try to keep the center of the room open and free. Ensure that the doors and windows are clean. Keep the office neat and tidy.



  • Never sit under a beam.
  • Do not sit cross-legged in the office.
  • Ensure that your back does not face the entrance
  • Avoid pointed furniture and metal and plastic chairs.
  • Do not hang violent or negative pictures like those of war, crying baby, etc.

Following these simple vastu tips can ensure that the energies interact freely and work together to support career growth.

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