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Vegetarian Food for Better Nails

Team BetterButter | April 22, 2019

It is very distressing if your nails feel brittle, breaks easily and is constantly chipping.  Changes and discoloration nail may indicate that something is wrong with your nail health or even your bone health. Read on for the food foods that you can incorporate into your diet and help your nails grow long and strong.




We have stressed on the importance of green leafy vegetables in our previous posts. Well, even for your nails, they provide enough iron and bestow you with a healthy and strong nails.  Lack of iron cause them to become brittle, spoon-shaped/’curve, and pale rather than pink in color.


  • Vegetables

    Veggies are packed with vitamins and minerals for a healthy body and strong nails. Carrots are a great source of vitamin A, which provides antioxidants to protect your nails and keep them strong. Tomatoes and bell peppers are loaded with Vitamin C which helps maintain collagen levels. So, go ahead add some color to your plate and include some of these veggies in your meal for beautiful nails


  • Beans , legumes and lentils



Beans like Soybeans and other legumes are a great source of protein and soybean also contain biotin. Lentils are packed with Vitamin B6, Sulphur amino acids and other 9 essential vitamins (Yes, you’ve heard that right) which help increase nail plate thickness and to reduce nails’ tendency to split.


  • Whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal


Whole grains, are amazing sources of biotin, silicon, and cysteine; Brown rice, oats, rye and buckwheat are rich in vitamins A and B  all of which can work together to build healthy nails.


  • Oats


Oats contain micronutrients like copper and zinc that are important for healthy fingernail and bone maintenance. They also have manganese, silicon, and B-complex vitamins, all of which promote healthy fingernails.


  • Almonds


Not only are almonds a good source of protein, they’re loaded with magnesium, which helps maintain nails. Lack of magnesium cause vertical ridges in your


  • Water


Yes, you’ve heard it right. Hydration is the key to beauty! Dehydration affects our nails, just as it does the rest of our body. So to prevent dry cuticles, drink six to eight glasses of water a day.


Say Bye to brittleness with confidence. Your nails can thank us later!

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