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7 Weight Loss Drinks That Can Be Made At Home With Ease

Saumya Srivastava | February 2, 2021

Often one remains skeptical about weight loss due to the notion of associating weight-loss food with something that is not delicious and appealing or simply boring. However, this is not the case as it is very important to shed off the extra weight. It is this extra weight which is the home to certain diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol and many more. So, why give way to so many diseases when you can enjoy healthy yet delectable food items.

Besides exercise which is helpful in reducing the calories, there are certain weight loss drinks too which show promising results. These drinks like green tea, apple cider vinegar and more are blessings not just for weight loss but these are also vital in improving the overall well being of the body. So, it is important to understand the role of these drinks for shedding the extra fat.

Benefits Of Weight Loss Drinks

Weight Loss

The benefits of weight loss drinks at home are such that it both helps you to binge healthy drinks all the time and also help you maintain a perfect body shape. As it is known that drinking an adequate amount of fluids is important in fighting against a number of diseases, so the intake of fat burning drinks too in the days of dieting becomes all the more vital. These healthy drinks for weight loss help in metabolism, fulfil the appetite and also leads to an increase in satiety. The presence of antioxidants, fibres, polyphenols and more is what does the magic in achieving desired results during the weight loss process. Though these drinks may appear boring at times, but the immense role that it has to play in slowing the ageing process and others cannot be overlooked. So, here is a list of 7 effective drinks that you can prepare at home during the diet days.

Top 7 Healthy Drinks For Weight Loss

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Weight Loss

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Wrapped with the miracles of antioxidants, the apple cider vinegar has a number of healthful benefits. Apple cider vinegar is good for weight loss as the crushed apple which goes in its manufacture transforms the sugar into alcohol. Thus, reducing the content of calories with the absence of sugar, apple cider vinegar also keeps the appetite satisfied for longer durations. The pro tip to make apple cider vinegar good for weight loss is that it should never be consumed with water and should be enhanced with the richness of honey.

2. Dandelion Tea Benefits

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Being a traditional form of medicine, dandelion tea is made from the root of the dandelion plant. The plant not only boasts of a number of nutrients but even the beverage made of it – the dandelion tea shows surprising results in case of weight loss. And thus the most important dandelion tea benefits is its role in burning fat and cholesterol. So, include this wonder drink in your daily diet for maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Green Tea To Burn The Extra Fat

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Yet another effective drink for weight loss is green tea. The presence of caffeine and catechin makes the green tea one of the active weight loss drinks. To reap the benefits of green tea, all you need to do is simply add hot water to the green tea leaves. With this beverage which can be easily prepared at home, weight loss can be easily achieved.

4. Black Coffee For Satiety

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With a refreshing cup of black coffee, get ready to make your dieting days even more exciting. Black coffee is low in calories, fats and rich in caffeine and is effective for keeping your stomach full for a long time. Not just this it also keeps your mind active and should be consumed before exercise to achieve better results. So, brew this amazing and fat burning drinks to reduce your belly fat.

5. Vegetable Juice For Fibre Intake

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One of the most healthy drinks for weight loss is vegetable juice. Prepared with the goodness of a variety of vegetables like spinach, carrot, lemon, beetroot and more, vegetable juice is surely wrapped with immense blessings. Enriched with high fibre content, the vegetable juice keeps you full of energy that too at a cost of almost no calories. To enhance the flavours, you can also sprinkle black pepper, coriander leaves and more, to make this healthy dish taste even more delightful.

6. Grapefruit and Cucumber Juice To Feel Hydrated

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The easiest of all the homemade weight loss drinks at home is the grapefruit and cucumber juice. This wonder drink is great for detoxifying and also keeps you hydrated and thus, in turn, increases the energy level of the body. The cherry on the cake is that this flavoursome and refreshing drink can be consumed multiple times in a day and to top it all, the addition of fruits to this juice simply takes it to another level.

7. Water, Honey And Cinnamon Drink to Detox

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One of the most popular detox drinks for weight loss is water, honey and cinnamon drinks. The miraculous combination of water, honey and cinnamon are prone to doing wonders in weight loss especially when consumed in an empty stomach. By flushing out the toxins, this power drink both increases the metabolism and cuts down the calories from the body.

Besides sipping these drinks, one should also include drinks which contain a high amount of fibres and use healthier forms of sugar like honey instead of sugar. Thus, make these detox drinks for weight loss a part of your everyday diet to reap the benefits of such healthy beverages. These drinks not only ensures fitness but also increase longevity.



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