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Your search for the perfect chimney for your kitchen ends here: A complete guide on Chimneys

Team BetterButter | March 26, 2019

Your search for the perfect chimney for your kitchen ends here: A complete guide on Chimneys

The kitchen chimney is a need-based item that removes the smell of the cooked food in the kitchen which is dangerous to inhale and stops it from spreading into the kitchen and after that to different rooms .While cooking, the smoke impurities set on the cabinets and the cooking area, which can be removed with the help of Chimney. It should be cleaned in every 10 days.

Use of Chimney:

Chimney basically helps in protecting your kitchen tiles from impure smoke which once set, can be difficult to remove. It does help in maintaining the kitchen wall and so that there is no spot of smoke on the walls. A kitchen chimney will keep on giving a clean and finish look like ever before and get rid of the harmful smoke.

India is a place that is known for flavors, a large portion of which is really solid. The smell of such solid flavors like dark pepper, red chilies, and so on when utilized in cooking can be really strong. Switch on that Chimney and see that solid smell getting sucked in.

Following are the  do’s and don’ts while buying chimneys:

  •    Buy a chimney which requires less care.
  •    Make sure there is less noise created by the Chimney
  •    Go for the size according to the stove.
  •    Comes in a range of INR3000-100000, go according to your budget
  •    Be sure it has a powerful motor
  •    Execution of filters to be checked before buying
  •    Sucking scent to be checked


The following are the brands which are best to buy if you are looking in terms of quality:

  1.    Elica Kitchen Chimney:

ELICA and their scope of chimneys accompany style, capacity, and above all, are exceptionally effective. It is a stylish kitchen chimney, gas stove brand. The ELICA OSB HAC TOUCH BF NERO go is a finished bundle for a without smoke and sans hassle kitchen.

  1.    HindwareNevio 90:

HindwareNevio 90 comes with a steel complete with energy effective 2 LED lights. The Thermal Auto-clean innovation guarantees total cleansing of oil or take residues from the chimneys in only one touch.

  1.    Glen designer chimney:

The Glenn 6075 is an intense hood thrown chimney made with premium quality matt steel. The Glen 6075 model accompanies a ground-breaking copper Italian engine with Thermal Overload Protector-TOP that turns off in the event of excessive warmth. This element empowers you to have a protected and safe utilization of the Chimney. The Chimney has 40-watt amazing lights for good lighting while at the same time cooking alongside three push-catch controls that let you select the speed and hob lights.


The above mentioned are the uses, do’s and don’ts while buying the chimneys and some of the best chimneys available in the market.

Go through it properly, it will definitely stop your search for the perfect chimney for your kitchen.


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