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10 Reasons Why you Should Eat Eggs Daily!

Nithya Lakshmi | December 19, 2018

10 Reasons Why you Should Eat Eggs Daily!

In modern times, people aren’t aware of the benefits of eggs. They simply go by the myth that eggs might increase their weight further and might build more fat thereby hindering their weight management process. In reality, eggs play a major role in boosting your entire human system in many ways.

Wondering what a small egg when consumed every day might give you? Read on: 


1) Improves Eyesight

Eggs contain a lot of vitamin A which is very much essential for improved vision. Though many of us prefer carrots as the main source of nutrients for healthy eyes, eggs, which contain vitamin A and lutein help protect the eye  age-related issues such as come  cataracts and glaucoma. 


2) Strengthens Bones

Vitamin D available in eggs helps in improving your muscle strength, cures joint pain and strengthens the bones immensely.


3) Prevents Skin Cancer

Eggs are rich in Vitamin E which kills the unwanted skin radicals and prevents skin cancer.


4) Manages your Body Weight

Now that’s an important point to contemplate! Eggs do reduce weight. Yes! Eating eggs in the morning might help in controlling your appetite throughout the day, make you feel fresh and you might not binge eat or put on weight. This way eggs help a lot in putting off those extra pounds.


5) Cures Heart Disease

Eggs are a great way to reduce heart related diseases. It helps a lot in preventing blood clots and reduces heart strokes immensely.


6) Helps in Hair Growth

Eggs are an easy way to help grow your hair at a faster rate! Eggs are rich in vitamin B, which helps in boosting your scalp health by giving enough nutrients to the scalp.


7) Improves Brain Functions

Egg yolks help to boost brain functions. Children and adults both need to have eggs every day and the impact of consuming eggs is highly beneficial as it leads to a healthy brain! So provide your kid with an egg right from an early age and that will help in brain development.


8) Maintains Cholesterol Levels

One might wonder how to consume eggs when they are so high in cholesterol?! Eggs are rich in HDL that is good cholesterol needed for your body and not LDL type of cholesterol which is bad. Eating eggs every day will eventually build healthy cholesterol in your system and convert the bad ones for a healthy heart functioning.


9) Energy Booster

The supply of vitamin B12 in eggs helps in converting the food you eat to energy. Also, it provides 6.5 mg of proteins which is much required for women. This will keep you fresh all day!  So include an egg in your breakfast every day.


10) Full of Choline and Albumin

A small egg is filled with 300 mg of choline which helps to protect your liver and cardiovascular system. Also, albumin is a substance that is essential to protect your body from severe diseases!

So, it’s not just an apple a day, but an egg a day that will definitely keep the doctor away! Have you grabbed an egg for today?

Image source – pixabay