10 Unique Ways to Increase your Child’s Appetite!

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What should we make our kids have in order to increase their appetite? This is one question that is on every mother’s mind. BetterButter brings to you 10 unique ways in which you can increase your child’s appetite-

1) Milk is not Food

When Kids barely eat anything, we always make them have milk. We think that by making the child have milk, at least he/she will have eaten something. But this is not the case at all. In fact,  by making the child have milk, we are unconsciously reducing the child’s appetite for his/her next meal. Instead of milk, make kids have dairy products such as curd, butter, and paneer.


2) Peanuts are a Miracle Food

Peanuts contain appetite-increasing and protein-increasing components that are extremely beneficial for kids. Give kids peanuts in any form, be it by roasting the peanuts or by making kids have peanut butter.


3) Use Home Remedies

Make your kids drink a mixture of ginger water and honey. Apart from this, homemade pudina chutney also helps to increase a child’s appetite.


4) Appetite Reduces in Hot Weather

If your house is very hot and claustrophobic, then the appetite of your child is considerably reduced. Make your kids stand on a chair that faces the window or make kids have food out in the open. You will see the difference in your child’s appetite.


5) Make Kids have Something every 2 Hours

If your kids run away from food, then make sure that you make your kids have something every 2 hours. Not only will doing so make food easier to digest for kids, but it will also encourage your kid’s digestive system to eat and digest more food, thereby increasing your child’s appetite.


6) Curd is a Great Medicine

Be it the probiotic bacteria it contains, or the amount of calcium present in it, the benefits of curd are widely known. Consumption of curd not only boosts immunity levels in children, but it also increases their appetite.


7) Oily Food and Strong-Smelling Food are not Good

A lot of ghee, oil, and spices are used in Indian cuisine. The excessive use of these items in cooking is another reason for the decrease in a child’s appetite.


8) Cook with Spices that Increase Appetite

Spices such as coriander (dhaniya) powder, cinnamon (daal cheeni), oregano and fennel (saunf) increase appetite. Try using these spices when preparing food for kids.


9) Exercise and Playing are Helpful

It is a well-known fact that regular exercise and active participation in sports increases your appetite. If your child is not really hungry, increase his/her playing time.


10) Nimbu Paani is Good

When your kids tell you he/she is not feeling hungry, make them have Nimbu Paani. Lemons keep the digestive system in good working order and increase the appetite of the child.

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