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4 Tricks to Hide Grey Hair in Minutes!

Ankit Kumar | May 11, 2018


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4 Tricks to Hide Grey Hair in Minutes!

Imagine if all of a sudden you have to go meet your friend who has come to your city for a short holiday. And, when you start getting ready, you see some grey hair swinging around the forehead. There is absolutely no time to visit a parlor or to dye your hair. The most simple solution, that comes to mind is cutting the grey hair with the help of a scissor. But sometimes it is not even possible to do this much.

Hence, in such a time of peril,  these 4 tricks can help you in hiding those white hair in just a matter of minutes. 

1) Homemade Mascara

When you are done with your makeup,  take a small amount of mascara on your fingertips and massage this mascara onto the visible grey hair. By doing this you can conceal your grey hair in a matter of minutes. Although nowadays almost every cosmetic company is trying to bring the best kind of mascara in the market, you should opt for a homemade mascara, since there is no scope for damage to your eyes and hair with homemade mascara. 

Caution: When you apply mascara on the hair, spray a small amount of hairspray so that the mascara mixes nicely in the hair and doesn’t melt because of sweat and moisture.


2) Hair Accessories

Put various hair accessories such as fancy pins, flowers, transparent stone beads of various colors, transparent headbands and bandanas or beads in your hair. This will not only help you look great,  but it will also help you to hide your grey hair.


3) Hair Style

Style your hair in such a way that it completely hides the grey hair. For this, you can curl your hair by spraying a small amount of hairspray or blow drying your hair, so that it looks dense and completely conceals the grey hair.


4) Hair Parting

If you don’t want to do anything special, just try to enhance the beauty of your dark hair by changing the way you normally part your hair. This can easily hide your grey hair and display more of your beautiful dark hair.


Image source: Makeupandbeautyhome, Unsplash, Pexels, Pxher, Emmaline Bride