5 Different Ways to Drape a Saree

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Every woman wants to be the most beautiful one in every party, and for which it is necessary that we know how to wear a saree well. If the saree is not tied well, then it spoils the whole look. So let us learn today, some different ways to drape a saree.

1. Bengali saree

bangali saari

This is a traditional Bengali saree style which is quite easy to wear. Bengali women like to wear this type of saree on special occasions. This saree has a light colored body and deep red color border, which shows the simplicity of the saree. This saree has a wide pedestal on one side and a thin one on the other side.

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2. Lehenga saree

lehenga saari

If you are getting ready for a wedding, then go for this style of saree.This is a very popular type of saree. This makes you different from others. We can use either a heavy embroidery saree or a plain saree and drape it like a lehenga.

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3. Maharashtrian saree

maharashtrian saari

This style is different from all the other styles of sarees. It is a very long saree in which we do not need to wear a petticoat. This saree looks really nice with a pierced nose and a stomach accessory.

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4. Butterfly saree

butterfly saari

Butterfly style saree is the most common and popular saree to wear nowadays. This type of saree is usually called a Bollywood style saree. As its pallu is very thin, it reflects the beauty of the blouse.

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5. Rajrani saree

gujrati saari

If you are going to a special event then take a silk or a net saree from your wardrobe and wear it in this style. This is a Gujarati type of saree.

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