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5 Early Signs that you have Liver Problems

Nithya Lakshmi | June 21, 2018

The liver filters the blood and sends it to the rest of the body and helps in digestion by breaking the food particles. So if your liver gets damaged due to hereditary reasons or toxic substances, many body processes will not take place the way they should.

There are many symptoms of a damaged liver. Listed below are five early signs that you must not overlook –

1) Jaundice

Skin and eye discoloration occurs when a pigment called bilirubin stays in your body. Usually, this yellowish pigment passes through your liver and stomach and comes out of your body. If it stays and moves around internally, then chances are you are suffering from some type of liver disease. Additionally, you may also find faded stools and dark-colored urine with extreme itching all over your body.


2) Excessive Sweating

Yes! Sweating is another sign of a damaged liver. You might sweat easily after a workout session or simply while away from an air-conditioned space. But sweating more than you usually do is a clear symptom of trouble. A damaged liver has to work extra hard to send out as many toxins as possible through the skin. This process will increase the heat production in your body leading to a lot of sweat.


3) Fluid Retention

A damaged liver will hinder the production of proteins and their circulation throughout the body. This will lead to retention of fluids which will naturally get stored in the lower part of your bodies such as the legs, ankles, and feet. You can check to see the imprint on your leg when you press it with your thumb. If it remains for few seconds then it is one of the main sign of an infected liver causing fluid retention.


4) Abdominal Pain

A pain in the lower right side of your abdomen or the upper right corner are symptoms of liver problems. This pain might also be due to improper medications and their hazardous side effects. Consuming alcohol might even worsen the condition of your liver,  by making you feel a pulsating pain in the abdomen area. This may lead to a swollen abdomen at times.


5) Skin Spots

With a damaged liver, the blood is not cleansed hence it leaves dark spots on your skin which looks like a spider. Besides this, you can also find other skin issues like prolonged itching, flaky skin, redness, blemishes, change in color and tone. At times you might also find your veins visible which is not common. All these are signs of a damaged liver and you need to consult your doctor immediately.

Image source – flickr, wikipedia commons, keesler airforce base

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