Yoga Asanas to Help Reduce Belly Fat

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Women, across the world, strive to have a flat belly. Belly fat not only makes you look out of shape, but it also restricts what you wear! Nowadays, with changing lifestyle and changing food habits we are prone to many diseases, one of which is obesity. Obesity happens due to increase in stomach fat. Women are ready to go to any extent to get rid of belly fat, be it crash dieting, vigorous exercise, starving and even fat reduction surgery.

But you really don’t need to do any of these. Practicing yoga regularly can easily help you tone your belly. Here are some yoga asanas that can help you reduce stomach fat: 

1) Crescent Moon Pose

This pose is very beneficial in reducing stomach fat. Here are some steps to do this.

Step 1:

Spread both your legs.


Step 2:

Now fold the knee of your right leg and turn towards it.


Step 3:

Now lift both the hands upwards, breathe out and then breathe in.


Step 4:

Now repeat this process on the other side too.


2) Boat Pose

The Boat Pose helps in reducing belly fat and also provides physical strength.

Step 1:

Sit on the floor and fold your knees.


Step 2:

Now fold the legs upwards. Keep repeating this process. Repeat 5 times for better results.


Step 3:

If you want to make this yoga asana more complex, then lift your hands upwards and position your feet parallel to the floor. Stay at this point and breath in and out at least 5 times.


3) Plank

Plank is the most important yoga asana that can help to reduce the fat of your stomach. This also gives us inner strength.

Step 1:

Sit on your knees.


Step 2:

Now stretch one of your leg backwards.


Step 3:

Then move both your legs backwards.


4) Leg Lift

Leg lift reduces our belly fat and strengthens our spine as well.

Step 1:

Lay down flat on the floor.  


Step 2:

Now lift one leg up and rise upwards from the neck. Repeat this process with the other foot as well.


5) Bridge Lift

After all the yoga asanas mentioned above, this posture stretches your entire body.

While bending your knees put your palms on the floor and lie down flat.


Step 2:

Now lift the lower part of the body upwards and bring your hands together near your back. Now, while breathing out, slowly lie flat on the floor.

View video to watch the demonstration of the above asanas: 

Image Source: facebook.

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