5 Effective Ways to Conceal Double Chin

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Reducing face fat has become so difficult. Fatty tissues get accumulated on your face and the chin areas causing a double chin effect which looks so odd to cover up. This happens due to aging or due to excess weight. Listed below are some useful techniques to conceal double chin.

1. Wear the right makeup

makeup - For double chin (1)

Makeup can do wonders and change how a person looks. So try to cover up your double chin by working on the jawline. Get help from online tutorials to highlight your cheeks, jawline, and lips.  Darker shades in the jawline will camouflage your double chin. Nude lip colors will go well for a chubby face. This way you can step out in style.


2. Get that perfect haircut

hairstyle - For double chin (1)

A haircut can cast a magic to your appearance with ease. Consult a hair stylist and get that perfect haircut in which you can look stunning. Refer the hairstyle guide to understand which type of haircut will suit your chubby face. A bob cut or a high back pony is always the easiest and the simplest form of hairstyle to cover your face fat.


3. Step out in style with the right outfit

dress double chin

Wear a wide V neck or a low neck dress or unbutton the top two buttons if you are wearing a shirt. This is basically to move the attention away from your chin. Refrain from closed or collared necklines. Rather go for boat or deep neck outfits.


4. Jewelry to cover up

jewellery - double chin

Add more to your dressing with long chains and earrings. Choose small studs rather than long earrings that dangle around your chin. Avoid short chokers or heavy chains that again stick to your chin area. All this will help in distracting peoples’ gaze away from your chin.


5. A scarf to add on

scarf double chin

Scarfs help in concealing your double chin easily. Wear a thin and light material scarf which is of cotton or chiffon. Avoid heavy woolen ones. And wear it like a long chain rather than surrounding your neckline alone. This will make you look stylish and will cover up your chin.

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