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10 Things that Make You Miss Your Mom after Getting Married

Parul Sachdeva | April 12, 2018

Bus 5 minute aur, khana Thanda ho raha hai, ab nahi bolungi! – yes there is no one to say or listen to such things because you are a married woman now! It is not important how much you have done for someone but more important is how happily you have done it. Mother is an example of latter as she has a lot more to offer than you can never imagine. Undoubtedly life takes a 360 degree turn when you get married. Here are 10 things that make you miss your mom most after getting married-

1. No oil champi time

1.oil chmapi.missing mom English

How many of you remember that dollop of oil your mother forcefully used to put in your hair? At that time it was nothing less than a punishment! But now your mom is not around to give you that relaxing head massage when you need it the most.


2. No home doctor mom.English

When you are under the weather and your own doctor is not around….you feel more miserable. Dear husband is trying his best to sooth you but the heavenly touch is missing.


3. No one to satisfy midnight hunger pangs

3.hungerpangs.missing mom.English

It is truly said that love is blind. Read between the lines. Your mother started loving you before even seeing you. She is the only one who can cook for you at The problem with Mumma is that she can’t get good sleep until she feeds you.


4. No mom’s cooked food

4.cooked food.missing mom.English

No one can replace that soul food your mom cooked for you. Those shrunk chapatis, scrumptious sabji accompanied with salad and curd in your lunch box. You just can’t get enough!


5. No one for late night gossiping

5.late night gossiping.missing mom.Hindi

If there is one person whom you can pour your heart to, it just has to be your mom. And she will never judge you for anything. Late night gossiping is just not possible.


6. No genuine advisor

6.genuine advisor.missing mom.English

When you wear something and want a genuine opinion on how you look. That honest reply will be missing. All you can get from hubby dearest is – Yes, it’s fine! Just wear anything


7. No weekend shopping trips mom.English

She can be your best shopping partner ever. Though she will often complain about those aches and pains because you made her walk so much but she is the most cherished person ever when you go shopping.


8. No one to take care of your things

8.taking care of things.missing mom.English

Yes, no one is there who will set those heaps of clothes in your cupboard. You miss your mom the most when you are not able to find your favourite black top.


9. No one to calm you down

9.calm down.missing mom English

You don’t have to worry as an attendant of God is always there to cushion you.  By looking at the lines on your forehead, she can tell something is surely bothering you. Really, you owe her the world!


10. No one to stuff food in your mouth

10.stuffing food.missing mom english (1)

Whether you are hungry or not, she has a job to make sure you have eaten.  In short, she just can’t help it, she has to stuff that last morsel in your mouth.

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