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10 Cooking Habits that are making you FAT

Nithya Lakshmi | April 12, 2018

It is always said and believed that cooking at home is healthy than eating outside in a restaurant. Now that holds good only if you can practice some healthy cooking habits rather than blindly cooking a dish of your choice. Listed below are ten such cooking habits to avoid to manage your weight.

1. Artificial flavors

Artificial-flavors_syrups-bad cooking habits

Freshness is always a must while you cook. Collect and prepare all flavors naturally from the scratch. This will make your dish more tasty and healthy. Refrain from using those hunger triggering packed artificial flavors which are the main source of weight gain.


2. Put an end to frying

frying - bad cooking habits

Out of all the cooking techniques, frying is the one that easily increases your body fat due to a lot of oil. Though many would love to fry most of their dishes as it tastes good, you need to shift to other methods like grilling, boiling, steaming due to its major drawback.


3. Neglecting the spices

spices - bad cooking habits

When you add more of fat based products along with sugar and salt, your calorie intake is going to be high. Instead, go for spices and herbs that will definitely help fight against body fat by providing more of vitamins and minerals to your body.


4. Using excess oil

oil - bad cooking habits

Oil is another most important component that increases your body fat quickly. Vegetable oil has a lot of trans fat and can lead to cardiac diseases. Oil being the main ingredient to start any dish, you can sprinkle a little as required. Alternatively, you can also shift to some other oil like olive or coconut oil for weight management.


5. Tasting while cooking

tasting while cooking- bad cooking habits

You might be tempted to taste while standing the entire time to cook due to hunger or it might be just to check the sourness, salt and pepper quantity in the dish.But this is a bad habit as it will increase your weight as you tend to eat more in this process of tasting.


6. Adding extras will add more to fat

adding extras - bad cooking habits.

Adding extra cheese, sour cream or mayonnaise in order to make your dish taste better will definitely add on to more fat consumption and a lot of calories. Refrain from doing so.


7. Using the entire pack

whole pack - bad cooking habits

Emptying the whole pack might be easy for you to manage your stocks and cooking, but you will be thoughtful to eat more to finish it as you have cooked a lot! And this will lead to a lot of calorie intake and therefore weight gain.


8. Cooking with processed ingredients

processed-foods - bad cooking habits

Today’s lifestyle is so hectic that everything that is available instantly is preferred much by all. But these ready-mix food items do not have the nutrients that a body requires in order to function actively. They have a lot of unhealthy fat which in turn leads to a lot of weight gain.


9. Adding more of dairy products

dairy - bad cooking habits
Say no to white based food products like milk, butter, cheese, sugar. Adding these to your daily routine to a certain extent is essential for a healthy lifestyle. But any excess of this is sure to make you fat quickly.


10. Irregular cooking quantity

irregular quantity - bad cooking habits

Now that you are all set to cook in the right manner, the quantity you cook matters a lot. Know the right amount of servings per person. Always cook and serve in the right proportion.

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Nithya Lakshmi


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