5 Effective Ways to Lose Weight after Pregnancy!

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While a woman is full of joy at the birth of her baby, another thought that constantly haunts her is how to get back into her pre-pregnancy shape. To many women, post-pregnancy weight reduction might seem to be a toil and a never-ending task with no results.  Women need to understand that it is not feasible to get immediately back into shape after their deliveries because it actually took them 9 long months to gain all that weight and the weight gained during pregnancy will not go away overnight!  It’s time to change your thought process in order to achieve your target in small but sensible steps:

1) Breastfeed your baby

Although breastfeeding requires your body to have a higher amount of calorie consumption, breastfeeding also burns up to 500 calories in a day. Women are said to reduce more weight the longer they breastfeed their child. So post pregnancy,  an intake of say up to 330 calories will give way to burning more calories by breastfeeding with the deficit.


2) Get Enough Sleep

You might be having a tough time sleeping post pregnancy due to the erratic sleep patterns of your newly-born infant.  You might also be sleep-deprived which may lead to the production of cortisol and other stress hormones that contribute to weight gain. Try to adjust your sleeping times according to your infant’s sleep schedule. Sleep for around 6-7 hours every night to reduce your weight.


3) Be Practical 

Being pregnant and then getting back to your pre-pregnancy figure and weight does not happen in a day. You need to understand the fact that you have stored enough body weight for the past nine months and it will take time to reduce this weight. Do not try excessive dieting as this could actually put your health at risk. Be realistic in setting your body weight goals and give your body enough time to achieve it. Go for a walk after every meal, eat in small quantities but increase the number of meals every day.


4) Drink Lots of Water

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. This will help you feel full all the time and prevent you from snacking on healthy items.  Drinking water will also boost your metabolism and help you to remain fit throughout the day. Make it a point to drink a glass of water just before your meal so that you won’t feel like stuffing more food than is necessary.

5) Reduce your Stress Levels

Post pregnancy you might feel stressed while looking and thinking about your new responsibilities and new commitments. You need to relax, divide the workload with your partner, take some time for yourself by asking your partner to take care of the baby for some time. Take help when required. You can also dance, exercise, listen to music and do all the other activities that help you relax and release your stress. 

Note: Do not start exercising and/or dieting without consulting your gynecologist first. 

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