5 Effective Yoga Asanas to Tone Breasts

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Yoga is the best way to treat your body, mind, and soul. When it comes to toning your body, yoga will certainly give you the needed results in the long run. Like every other body part, women are worried about their breasts as well. For some, it seems to be large and it might also look odd to fit into that perfect dress without a proper physique. So here we have few simple asanas to follow from home which will undoubtedly firm your chest and other body parts too-

1) Virabhadrasana

This is otherwise called a  warrior pose and is a very effective one for the entire body besides your chest.


  1. Stand with one leg in the front at 90 degrees and the other behind as seen in the picture.  
  2. Try to stretch your hands as high as possible while you inhale and look up in a prayer position.
  3. Keep your legs touching the ground.
  4. Y0u can feel the pressure in the chest area. You can change the position after ten seconds.


2) Ardha Chakrasana

This wonderful yoga posture not only tones your breast but also takes care in reducing your upper body muscles effectively and strengthens your shoulders, thereby giving a lot of balance. Here is how to do it.


  1. Stand erect with your feet apart and hands on your hip, to begin with.
  2. Now clasp both your hands and stretch like that in tadasana and extend beyond your back as shown in the picture.
  3. Try to stretch as much as possible making a crescent moon with your back.
  4. If your body is flexible you can even touch the ground with your hands bending back while all the other body parts standing still (this is optional)
  5. Maintain the posture while you breathe in and out.
  6. Then slowly release your hands and come back to the standing posture.
  7. Repeat this twice or thrice. Try to remain in this posture for 30 counts.


3) Dwikonasana

This is one of the simplest asanas which focuses on breast firming. It also helps in maintaining the muscles and firms the shoulder blades along with the upper spine part.


  1. Stand still on the ground and stretch your hands back and clasp them together while you inhale.
  2. Bend forward to 90 degrees and look at your foot and exhale.
  3. Now slowly stretch the clasped hands and expand as much as possible giving pressure to the chest.


4) Namaskarasana

This pose is called the reverse prayer pose wherein you will feel the pressure behind the neck area. Here is how to do it.


  1. You need to sit down with your legs folded in such a way that your knees are apart.
  2. Press and join both your hands like you pray and lift the elbow straight.
  3. Next, inhale and bring your hands behind your back.
  4. As you feel the pressure in the neck, keep your chin close to your chest by bringing it down as much as possible.

The stretch behind helps in firming your chest portion.


5) Tadasana

This is a simple standing posture which even a beginner can do easily. It helps tone the whole body and helps children to grow taller besides taking care of your chest size.


  1. Stand straight, join both your hands and raise above your head.
  2. Bring them close to your ears and try to stretch the entire body by inhaling it.
  3. Now slowly lift your leg and try to balance on your toes. Alternatively, you can also bend one leg to rest on your upper thigh as shown in picture and balance.
  4. Count till 10 and slowly come down while you exhale. Repeat.

Image source: public domain files, pxhere, wikipedia commons, flickr

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