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5 Foods that keep Blood Sugar Level under Control

Ankit Kumar | May 2, 2018

Any kind of illness or problem in your body adversely affects your daily routine and eating habits. Increase in blood sugar level affects various parts of the body. Blood sugar can be controlled by making certain changes in the diet.

Here are some food items which are helpful in controlling blood sugar level –

1) Protein

Protein-rich diet helps cope with muscle-loss caused due to the increase in sugar levels, referred to as gluconeogenesis. You can add proteins to your diet in the form of chicken, fish, egg, and meat in a non-vegetarian diet or pulses, porridge, beans, milk and other dairy products in a vegetarian diet.


2) Carbohydrates

Your body needs carbohydrates for strength but a high-carb diet can also cause unnecessary weight gain. Hence, it becomes important to follow a low-carb diet to reduce weight and maintain blood sugar level. Eat whole grains, brown rice, almonds, red kidney beans, green gram, red gram and sprouted grains. These foods are helpful in maintaining a balanced sugar level and in reducing weight.


3) Green Vegetables

Add lots of non-starchy vegetables especially green leafy vegetables in your diet. These vegetables can not only help in maintaining blood sugar levels but also help in reducing iron deficiency in the body. They are also high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. You can include spinach, broccoli, fenugreek, kale and asparagus in your diet which can also help you meet the daily requirement of fiber and magnesium.


4) Dairy Products

Switching to low-fat milk such as semi-skimmed milk and dairy products made from this milk such as cottage cheese, cheese and curd,  provides the body with protein, calcium, and various important nutrients. Their consumption helps balance sugar level. Dairy products generally have a low glycemic index because of the moderate glycemic index effect of lactose (natural sugar in milk), plus the effect of the milk protein,  both of which help to slow down the rate at which your stomach empties, thereby making you feel full for a longer time. 


5) Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are the best low-fat food. Hence, when you need to take a low-fat snack while maintaining your sugar level, you can eat almonds, walnuts and various other dry fruits which have a low glycemic index. Diabetics or people suffering from high blood sugar should avoid processed fruits like jams and apricots.

Tip: When you become aware of your blood sugar level imbalance, plan your diet accordingly based on the formula 60:20:20. According to this, you should take 60% of carbohydrate, 20% of fat and 20% proteins in your diet.

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Ankit Kumar


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