5 Effective Home Remedies to get rid of Foot Pain

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You all must remember the scene from ‘Pakezaah’ where actor Raj Kumar advises Meena Kumari not to keep her beautiful foot on the ground. In this era too, most women are compelled to follow Raj Kumar’s advice but the reason for this is not the beauty of their feet but foot pain. 

So why not use some home remedies to get rid of this maddening pain and fulfill your desire to dance?

1) Mustard Seeds

Mustard is a very important spice in  Indian culture. The use of mustard has always been considered important because of its taste and nutritive value. Apart from this, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in treating swelling and pain in the foot. Soak half a cup of mustard seeds in a large bowl and make a paste from it. Now soak your aching feet in this paste for 10-15 minutes. You will get relief from the pain almost immediately.


2) Vitamins

It has been proven that lack of vitamins in the body can bring you face to face with various diseases. Lack of ‘Vitamin B’ causes pain in the foot and the deficiency of  Vitamin D causes fatigue. Therefore, you must regularly consume foods rich in Vitamin B and D such as meat, milk, orange, fish, egg, soya beans, and vegetables, which will eventually provide relief from foot pain.


3) Sesame Oil

Sesame seeds have a very high fiber and iron content. Sesame oil is extremely beneficial in getting rid of inflammation in the body. If you have swelling and pain in your feet, take one or two tablespoons of sesame oil in your hands and gently massage your legs. The nerves of the feet will relax, which will help in reducing the pain.


4) Red Chilies

Red chilies are primarily used to make food delicious. But did you know that it can also be used to get rid of foot pain? Red chilies contain a compound called capsaicin, which acts as a painkiller. For this procedure, take a bucket of lukewarm water and put ½ teaspoon red chili in it. Now soak your sore feet in chili water for 10 to 15 minutes. This will cure the pain immediately.


5) Rock Salt

There is a considerable amount of magnesium in rock salt. Magnesium provides relief from pain and swelling in the body. Therefore, it is mostly used to provide relief from the inflammation of the muscles. Add 1 tablespoon rock salt and hot water in a bucket. Now immerse your legs in this salt water mixture for 10-15 minutes. Your feet will be relaxed.

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