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5 Home Remedies to Cure Ear Pain

Riya Aggarwal | January 3, 2019

Ear infections can sometimes cause a lot of pain in the affected ear. To deal with the pain caused by the infection, here are 5 effective home remedies for you.


1) Warm/Cold Compress

Soak a clean cloth in warm or cold water. Wring out the extra water from the cloth and put it over the affected ear. Try both the warm and the cold compress on the affected ear. See which compress provides you with the most relief.


2) Gargling

Gargling with salt water not only helps to soothe a sore throat, but it also helps to clear the eustachian tubes inside the ear.


3) Olive Oil Drops

Though there is no scientific evidence that proves olive oil can help with ear infections, the American Academy of Pediatrics has said that olive oil can be moderately effective in treating ear infections. Slightly warm the olive oil and put a few drops of the oil inside the affected ear. You should check with your medical practitioner before going ahead with this.


4) Stand Tall

To help with the pain caused due to an infection in the ear, hold your head erect. This will help to drain the middle ear, and could provide some relief from the pain.


5) Sleep Upright

Try to rest and sleep while sitting up rather than lying down. This will help the excess fluid present in the ear to drain out, which could help to ease the pressure and the pain in the infected ear. To comfortably sleep upright, prop up yourself in bed with a stack of pillows or sleep in a reclining armchair.

Note: Pain in the ear can be caused due to various reasons. You must first get your ear checked by an E.N.T specialist and then check with him/her about the remedy that will be most effective in your case.

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