5 Lipstick Shades that Every Woman Should Have!

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When buying lipsticks, there are some shades which are evergreen and never go out of fashion. Every woman should have these shades of lipsticks in her vanity. If you do not have them, then do try some of them out because as they say, some changes in life are always good!


1) Red

A red lipstick never looks bad and this shade is always in vogue. Be it Bollywood actresses or working professionals-all these women have worn this shade of lipstick at least once in their life! Applying red lipstick adds glamour to your overall look and brings a lovely glow to your face.  A red lipstick always looks good on everyone, irrespective of their skin tone.

Nowadays, matte lipsticks are increasing in popularity amongst women. Try out a matte red lipstick that stays on your lips for a long time. Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan recommends Mac’s ‘Russian Red’ shade of lipstick, so go try that shade out!


2) Pink

Applying a pink shade of lipstick makes you appear young and glamorous. Using a neon pink or fusion pink shade of lipstick brings a beautiful glow to your face. If you do not have a blush, then use the pink lipstick you have as a blush for your face.

Maybelline and Mac have some beautiful shades of pink lipsticks, so go check these brands out when buying your next lipstick!


3) Plum/Berry

Sometimes going for unconventional shades of lipstick, such as plum or berry, is a good idea. Many women are very hesitant to try this shade of lipstick-but if you choose a lipstick with the right shade, from the right brand, and with the right texture, then all your hesitancy will disappear!

Be careful to not mistakenly apply the lipstick on your teeth. To ensure this does not happen, after applying the lipstick, put your finger in your mouth and gently pull it out. So for your next shopping spree, be sure to pick up Maybelline’s ‘Pretty in Plum’, ‘Plum Perfect’ or ‘Rich Wine’ shade of lipstick!


4) Nude

The nude makeup look is trending in the fashion industry nowadays. The best thing about nude shades of lipstick is that these shades look good with every skin tone and give the person wearing them a very natural look.

Nykaa, a new player in the cosmetics industry, has some of the best shades of nude lipsticks so do check the brand out. When buying a nude shade of lipstick, always remember to choose a shade that is neither too dark nor too light.


5) Orange

For a fun and funky look, opt for an orange shade of lipstick. This shade is one lip shade that every woman must have. Be it a bright, neon orange or a subtle shade of orange, these shades of lipstick are easily available in the market today.  

Try out Mac’s ‘Chilli Lipstick’ or L’oreal Paris’ ‘Orange Tempo’ shade of lipstick.

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