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5 Makeup Hacks to Conceal Wrinkles

Riya Aggarwal | May 10, 2018

Once women start getting wrinkles, it is very had to stop the wrinkles from appearing. To delay the arrival of wrinkles, women take special care of their skin after a certain age. Women who do not do so, end up getting wrinkles at a young age and this affects the beauty of their faces.

There are many reasons for the appearance of wrinkles on our face. These include aging, dryness of skin, pollution, deficiency of Vitamin C and Vitamin D and not taking adequate care of our skin. Smoking and stress/tension also adversely affect our skin.

Getting wrinkles is a very common thing. However, we can often use makeup to conceal our wrinkles!

1) Start your Makeup with a Silicone Primer

Before applying makeup, moisturize your face. Usually, moisturization is followed by the application of foundation on our face. However, before applying foundation, apply a silicone primer on your face. Using a silicone-based primer fills up the cracks and conceals wrinkles.


2) Use a Foundation that is Light and Moisturizing

When our skin’s moisture reduces, the skin becomes loose. If you use a foundation, then make sure to use a foundation that is light and moisturizing. Using such a foundation prevents skin dryness, thereby hiding wrinkles.


3) Use Less Powder while Applying Makeup

A powder is primarily used to set makeup. The powder contains micro-particles of mica which give an uneven glow to the skin. If there are wrinkles on your skin, instead of powder use a cream to set the makeup.


4) Highlight your Eyes

By highlighting your eyes, people focus on your eyes rather than your skin. If eyes appear bold, then the beauty of the eyes masks the wrinkles on the skin. If you are doing your eye makeup with the sole purpose of distracting people from your wrinkles, then use a matte eye shimmer to do so.


5) Use Retinoid

Retinoid is a chemical that is often found in beauty products. This chemical makes our skin appear plumper and smoother. Retinoid helps to conceal wrinkles. Using this chemical makes the skin extremely sensitive to exposure from the sun, so always remember to apply a sunscreen after applying retinoid.  

By following the above-mentioned makeup hacks,  you can successfully hide your wrinkles and immediately appear younger.

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Riya Aggarwal




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