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5 Modern-Look Sarees that can beat Western Clothes any day!

Nupur Kumari | July 11, 2018



5 Modern-Look Sarees that can beat Western Clothes any day!

In ancient times, a saree used to be a piece of cloth that was wrapped around the women’s body. This garment reflected the culture of Indian civilization. But now the saree has become an integral part of the fashion industry and is available in a variety of styles and designs. Sarees have become so popular that even  famous Bollywood celebrities are spellbound by its beauty and variety.

Let’s discuss those 5  modern-looking sarees that can make you look really stylish-

1) Floral Party Wear

Bollywood celebrities have always admired the unique charm of floral prints on chiffon and crepe. A wide range of sarees in different colors and floral prints are easily available in the market. You just need to get a designer blouse along with this and you will be a style icon for everyone.


2) Innovative Prints

Innovation is not limited to electronic goods only, a wide range of innovative bold prints have been introduced into sarees these days. Sonam Kapoor loves to wear these kinds of sarees and that is why she is known as “The Fashion Queen” of Bollywood. There are several bold prints design like a cow, peacock, Radha-Krishna and many more.


3) Jacquard Saree

If you want a lot of appreciation and all the attention in any party, then you must try the Jacquard Saree. Jacquard sarees are handloom woven sarees that are created by highly skilled weavers with great detailing. These sarees provide both modern as well as a traditional look. Combining Jacquard with some other material such as chiffon or tissue can give us surprising results.


4) Jacket/Shrug with a Saree

The jacket saree look is not very common but it is very unique and ultra modern. Sonam Kapoor made this look very popular. Even Aishwarya Rai wore a jacket blouse along with a designer saree at the Cannes red carpet which looked very trendy.


5) French Lace Saree

Want to dress in authentic Indian style? Plus want to look stylish and unique? Try this beautiful French Lace Saree. Lace is a special embroidery material that has been used for a long time in the fashion industry. So try this and give your traditional Indian wear a new and innovative look.

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