5 Power Foods To Boost Your Kid’s Immunity

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In the first few months of life, babies derive their nutrition and strength from their mother through breast milk but thereafter they need to be given nutritious food to strengthen their immunity. Consuming a nutrient-rich diet helps to boost the immunity of children and keeps infections and diseases at bay.

Here are 5 such foods that can help to boost your child’s immunity-

1) Curd

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Rich in probiotics, nutrients, and vitamins, curd is a power food that can help increase a child’s immunity. In addition to this, curd helps to improve digestion and strengthen bones in young children.


2) Eggs

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Eggs are packed with protein and fat. The yolk of the egg is great a source of fat whereas the outer white layer is extremely rich in proteins. In addition to providing children with their required protein, consumption of eggs also ensures that kids gain healthy weight. Both these factors together boost immunity in children.


3) Oats

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Oats are an extremely healthy food that can be included in your child’s everyday diet. Add veggies and fruits to add flavor and color to oats. Be it pancakes or cookies, oats can be used for everything.


4) Mushroom

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Mushrooms are another immunity-boosting food that is beneficial for children. Being a versatile ingredient, mushrooms can be added to noodles, pasta, and vegetables. Not only does this enhance the flavor of this dish, but it also ensures that children have mushrooms in a tasty way.


5) Broccoli

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Broccoli is another versatile power food that can be used to make delicious dishes. Broccoli soup, pasta, ravioli, lasagna or just sauteed in oil and herbs; broccoli is one vegetable that can be transformed and used to make some extremely delicious dishes that kids will surely love.

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