5 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Negative Thinking

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The stressful and fast-paced lifestyle of today can potentially push anyone to mental frustration and one can easily succumb to negative thinking. As a result of this extreme negativity, it is natural to doubt your own capabilities and this can further lead to mental diseases such as depression and anxiety. Victims of negativity may range from struggling young people to the most successful people around us. Let’s figure out a few tips that can help you to grow in life without falling into the trap of negative thinking.

1. Avoid the company of negative people

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You must be very careful in deciding whom to associate with in life. You must try to be with positive people as their company can have a deep and motivating impact on your life and can help in gradually changing the negative thoughts. Contrary to this, negative people unknowingly disseminate negative and pessimistic vibes and you can thus develop a tendency of having a negative outlook towards anything in life.  


2. Don’t get into excessive thinking

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Negative thinkers tend to do over thinking and then get plagued by distressing thoughts and getting sucked into thinking only about worst case scenarios. They usually have an inability to get out of their own negative thought process which leaves them in a state of constant fear and mental torture. The only way to be safe from such thinking is observing your own thoughts and the moment you realize you are in the negative thinking trap, stop yourself by self-instruction. Say “GET OUT” to your ruminating and worrying thoughts. This is a very effective technique.


3. Make a list of your achievements

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To boost your self-confidence, list down all your achievements and successes so far and paste them in a location where they are always visible to you. Whenever you feel negativity is taking over you, just have a look at this list and say loudly- “I am confident about myself that I am no less than others. I have made many achievements in life so far and I know I have the caliber to do everything successfully.”


4. Read motivational books or autobiographies

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Read autobiographies of all such successful people who became successful by conquering their negativity. You are not the only one who is grappling with this problem. It is only a matter of practicing changing your thinking and as you keep training and adapting your mind to move in a positive direction, this problem will get solved automatically.


5. Make Yoga and pranayam a part of life

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Yoga and ancient breathing techniques called “Pranayam” can eliminate your negative thoughts completely and help you adopt a positive and peaceful state of mind forever. Where Yogic practices give you a balanced and flexible body structure, Pranayam boosts the oxygen level in your brain resulting in a higher level of alertness and energy and increased consciousness towards your overall life. You will yourself realize that your mental alertness will be higher after doing pranayam and a little bit of meditation done regularly along with it will be enough to permanently unroot your negative thinking.   

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