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5 Reasons Why Homemade Pickle is better than Market Bought

Team BetterButter | May 15, 2019

One of the important parts of the daily meal for many people in India is different types of pickles. Fruits, vegetables and even meats are pickled in India for thousands of years and play an important role in making a meal tastier and also add to the balance of the Indian diet. Many people buy store-bought pickles while others make homemade pickles. The following are some of the reasons why homemade pickles are better than market-bought pickles:

Why Homemade Pickle is Better than Market Bought


  • Homemade pickles are made by using fresh and local produce which makes it better than market bought pickles. Market-bought pickle usually has an expiry date but they are made in factories months before they are used by customers.


  • Market-bought pickle is usually made using preservatives which can be harmful in the long run. Homemade pickle is much fresher and much better for health in comparison to market bought products.
  • The homemade pickles can be made using any recipe while market bought pickle usually is made with a standard recipe. This means that homemade pickle can be controlled based on taste, amount of salt and the amount of condiments used and also control the spice content in pickles.
  • Besides the freshness of the pickle, people making pickles at home can choose the best quality ingredients for making the pickle. Pickles made by many cheap brands at times use sub-quality ingredients which make it very unhealthy in comparison to homemade pickles.
  • The factory premises where market-bought pickles are made may also not have the right certifications of cleanliness. Homemade pickles can be made in a very clean environment.
  • Homemade pickles can be much more cost effective than buying pickles in the market. Good quality pickles in the market are expensive and it is cheaper to make pickles at home.

The above-mentioned reasons are why it is much better to make pickles at home rather than market bought pickles. There are many types of pickle recipes available online and it is a diverse type of food which can be sweet, savory and can be made with different types of ingredients so making pickles at home is a sensible choice.


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