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5 Shocking Food Facts that you probably didn’t know!

Bindiya Sharma | December 30, 2016

By Bindiya Sharma

Fat-Free Food: They sure sound good, but the problem with fat-free foods is that “people view them as a ticket to eat more.” Troublesome, because when you take fat out of foods, something has to replace the flavour—and that something is generally added sugar, trans fat and sodium.


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Salads: I’ll just have a salad” has become the universal slogan of the conscious eater, but consider this: Some restaurant chains have salads on their menus that top at 1,000 calories. And if you order a Caesar-salad, you might as well have stopped at Burger King for a Burger!

Healthy Caesar salad made of fresh vegetables and chicken

Wraps- With little leaves of lettuce peeking out and slim slices of paneer/chicken, wraps seem like a solid choice. But know that just the outer layer of maida roti can be 300 calories, so by the time you add in some cheese, paneer, eggs and a spread, you can be putting away a 700-calorie meal without even knowing it!


Granola: Given that we use the word “granola” to describe healthy, outdoorsy types, it’s ironic that the yummy breakfast cereal is one of the least healthy ways to start your day. With all the sugar it contains, just one cup of granola can easily top out at 600 calories!


Smoothies: With so much fruit, how could a smoothie be a bad thing? There’s trouble in paradise when a smoothie’s main ingredient is fruit juice, sugar-loaded artificial flavourings or frozen yogurt that is used to bump up flavor.

Closeup of strawberry fruit smoothies with strawberry pieces in glass with straw


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