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5 Signs of Poor Eyesight in Kids that you may have Missed

Nithya Lakshmi | April 26, 2018

Nowadays kids are exposed to visuals both in schools and at home. This means that they are more liable to get affected with eyesight issues. Detecting this at an earlier stage will help a lot.

Listed below are five signs of poor eyesight in kids –

1) Check the Distance to Reading/Watching

Watch the distance at which your kids read books or watch television. While it is always advised not to sit very near a television, when your kid does it more frequently or when he reads a book closer than required, he is shortsighted.


2) Sensitivity to Light

Is your kid feeling uncomfortable to face the camera flash or screen light? Are they frequently facing headache or nausea when exposed to excessive light? Then this is undoubtedly a symptom of poor eyesight that requires your immediate attention.


3) Red Eye

When your kids watch a lot of T.V or play games on mobile or computer, the eyes strain a lot due to overexposure to screens. This may result in red-eye symptoms which shows that the eyes require some rest. This gets settled in a few days but if it isn’t cured, consulting a doctor would be better.


4) Cataracts

When your kids face fading or yellowing of colors they are again facing an eye issue. Double vision is a symptom of cataract. This can be treated at an early stage once detected else your kid will end up wearing an eyeglass.


5) Grey Shades

If your kids have blurred vision or see grey shades like a curtain in front of them, then their retina is at fault. While most floaters are harmless, if your child sees a lot of grey shades blurring their vision, it might be due to retinal detachment. Any eye disease or physical injury may lead to retinal detachment in the eyes which requires immediate attention.

Should you notice any of the above symptoms, contact your pediatrician or an eye specialist to investigate further and get timely help.

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