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Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on Kids you should know

Ankit Kumar | April 26, 2018

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on Kids you should know

Mobile phones and tabs have become an integral part of our life, from talking to distant relatives to entertaining ourselves or our kids, we are dependent on them. It’s hard to imagine our life without cell phones these days. Sometimes we give them to kids to pamper them or to reward them for some achievement. But have you thought about the impact it is having on them, and the negative consequences on their life?

Nowadays, almost every other child is addicted to mobile phones, and we think they are getting smarter just because they can use the apps on mobile or unlock it on their own. It’s high time for you to understand the negative impact of mobile phones.


1) Children’s Concentration gets Affected

Today’s children are growing up in a networking environment that never existed in human history before. The non-thermal radiations emitted by mobile phones have adverse effects on children. It makes them sluggish, as they lose their concentration and they get irritated by anything very easily.


2) Avoid Going Out

Excessive use of mobile phones can lead to a large amount of time spent on mobile networks which can cause anxiety when separated from them. They stop playing outdoor games and get indulged in mobile games. This disrupts the natural mental and physical growth.


3) Causes Eye Damage

Excessive use of mobile phones can damage the eyes of growing children and adversely affect their eyesight. Kids generally sneak away with mobile phones in the night, and it is very harmful to stare at a screen in the darkness.


4) Decreases Interest in Studies

The growing brain is adversely affected by the smartphones. Overexposure to technology like smartphones diminishes their creativity and distracts them from studies. Excessive use of mobile phones by children below 12 years decreases academic performance.


5) They do not pay heed to the Food they are Eating

Kids use mobile phones for hours sitting at a place which slows down the metabolism and they don’t take their food in time. Instead, they switch to fast foods which further increases the risk of obesity.


6) Their Language and Vocabulary gets Affected

Kids do whatever they see and their accent his heavy affected by the language and the words in the games they play on mobile phones. 60% of the children changed their language and accent after watching cartoons and video games. This is because kids get affected by the characters and start copying them in every possible way including the way of speaking.


6) Their Patience is Affected

Cell phones hinder the social skills of the kids, they get so caught up with this technology that it limits face-to-face interactions making them anti-social and hence they lose patience in that process. They start to get irritated over any delays in any task.


7) They do not Listen to Parents

Excessive mobile phone usage causes an addiction known as the mobile phone dependency syndrome. They stop talking to parents face to face which creates a sort of distance in their relationship. This addiction creates an emotional void in the kids.

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