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5 Signs that your MIL is your Best Friend

Parul Sachdeva | March 16, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, your mother-in-law can be your best friend! Don’t forget that she is the one who has raised your life partner in a perfect way.  A mother-in-law is also a woman and ultimately she also wants her children to be happy in every situation and when you marry one of them, you automatically become an important part of that happiness.  Having a good mother-in-law is just like hitting a jackpot.

Here are 5 signs that are good enough to tell that your MIL is your best friend-

1. Pouring your heart-out

Poring your heart out MIL english


Many women say that they have a nasty mother-in-law. Even lots of movies are there depicting the ill sides of a MIL. But that is not true in every case. Relationships thrive when you can speak freely and honestly. If you feel no topic is off-limits and you always feel heard when you are with your MIL – that’s the best way to make out you have got a best friend for life.


2. Taking your sides over others

Taking your sides over others MIL english


Let’s admit it. It is hard for a mother to fight with her son. But when the child is wrong and supporting you on an issue is an easy way to know that your mother-in-law is your best friend. Make sure you thank and praise her for her support. Bless your lucky stars that you have got her.


3. Sharing things /being your shopping partner

Your best shopping partner MIL english


If your MIL lets you borrow things from her closet, and sometimes she gives them to you –be sure that she loves you. There isn’t a woman who does not love shopping. Every woman needs a long shopping therapy now and then. And if your MIL is the best shopping partner you have got, you should thank the almighty.


4. No qualms in appreciating

always appreciating you MIL english


Appreciation is the key to any relationship. When you appreciate people, it makes them feel better about themselves, motivating them to go on with new vigor thus strengthening your relationship. If your MIL respects your rules, your feelings and appreciates you often for all the good work you do, she definitely likes you.


5. Best advisor

best advisor MIL english


Advice about married life can be easily taken in a wrong way especially when it is coming from your mother-in-law. But when you are stuck in any problem and you look up to your MIL for the best person to give advice then you know you have got your best friend.

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