5 Life Lessons to Teach your Daughter

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You will get hurt. Slow down!

Scissors are not for playing!

This is not the way to talk!

As a mother, you use the same expressions, at times the same vocabulary to make sure that your kids are always fine. You pave the way and give your daughter the tools she’ll need to survive in the world. You have many important life lessons to teach your daughter that will serve as a foundation to build her future.  These 5 life lessons are from a loving mother to her beautiful daughter-

1. You are a gift

You are a gift

You have always been my pride and the best thing that ever happened to me. The world may try a thousand ways to make you feel inferior but your parents are always proud of you. You will meet people, who will judge you by your appearance or preferences; just forgive and forget!


2. You are the reason for your own happiness

be happy

It is most important to know that you don’t have to depend on others to be happy. You can be happy if you want to. There may be a time when people will make an issue about even tiny things but do not fret. Always remember happiness is a decision.


3. Be you

Be you

Always be true to yourself. If anybody will try to change you in the name of love/orders/requests, do not fulfill their wish. True relationships never demand changes. They accept you the way you are. It’s not that you become a snob but evolve for yourself.  Always strive to be better and achieve greatness.


4. Never burn bridges

Never burn bridges
We all have heard the phrase it’s a small world.  It is true in every sense. You should treat every person with love and respect. Never disrespect anyone and make everyone feel welcome. Because you never know when you need help from anyone.


5. Do not compromise

Do not compromise
You would be told many times that it’s girls who have to compromise. But do not take it to heart. Voice your opinions and do not let anyone bend you for any reason under any circumstances. Again, it’s not that you become stubborn but you must not accept anything that devalues you.

Image Source: The DailyMoss, Matei Horvath Photography, parwarish

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