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5 Small Changes in Diet for a Slimmer Waistline

Nithya Lakshmi | March 22, 2018

Do you wonder how to fit into that slim waist dress hanging in your wardrobe or to how look trendy in a short time? Here we will give you 5 such small diet changes which, when implemented into your lifestyle will undoubtedly reduce your waistline to smaller than what it is now!

1. Eat the right food at the right time

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A proper intake is a key. Food that is high in fiber will help you feel light and filled beside making you healthy. Go for a high-fiber breakfast, lots of lentils for lunch and keep your dinner as light as possible. The lesser and earlier you eat every night, the more it helps in digestion and doesn’t store as much as body fat as it does when you eat late.


2. Eating frequency

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In order to attain a slim waist, you need to eat 5 different portions. Yes! You read that right. Split your intake into 5 different parts – breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch, post lunch tea break and finally dinner. During snack-time, you can have dates, raisins, and biscuits which are rich in fiber in order to beat your hunger cravings. Refrain from eating sugar based products. Instead go for wheat-based pasta, cakes, and pizza.


3. Stay hydrated

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It is said that more than 70% of the human body works with the help of water. So just eating with no or less water consumption will not work. You need to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water daily. Drink early, as soon as you wake up, drink a lot of water throughout the day and decrease as the day ends. Otherwise, it will ruin your sleep cycle.


4. Include healthy fats

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Go for high-fat foods that are actually nutritious and healthy like avocados, cheese, whole eggs,  chia seeds, dark chocolates, chia seeds, coconuts, flax seeds, olives. These will definitely keep you filled for longer hours. Keep a check on your daily calories consumed as well when you eat high-fat foods!


5. Avoid processed foods

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Processed food has a lot of unhealthy fat. Processed food like pasties, sausages, pies, ice creams, cakes, sugary drinks, processed meat, white bread, pizza are all made of artificial flavors and sugars which leads to increase in weight very quickly and you may even fall sick in the long run. Refrain from eating such foods and eat more of healthy foods.

Inculcate these small changes and you’ll the difference in some time!

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