5 Solutions to the 5 Most Common Hair Problems by Jawed Habib

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Healthy hair always enhances a woman’s personality and makes her look even more beautiful. Be it hair styling, haircuts or using different hair accessories, we can always give our hair a new look. However, due to pollution, wrong eating habits and stress, hair tend to become dull and lifeless.

Some common hair problems include lice, dandruff, white hair, hair fall, dry hair and oily hair. Jawed Habib has given 5 effective home remedies for 5 of the most common hair problems that women face-

1) Freedom from Hair Lice

Hair lice make their home in our hair and survive by consuming the blood in our scalp. Just reading this, makes this hair problem sound so scary! So think about how these small and agile insects can wreak havoc in our hair!

Jawed Habib says that to deal with this hair problem, take neem powder, neem oil, a pinch of turmeric and some aloe vera gel. Mix all these ingredients and create a paste. Apply this paste on your hair. Neem contains azadirachtin, which prohibits the growth of hair lice and is effective in killing them. Furthermore, hair lice hate the smell of Neem Oil.

To understand how to make and apply this paste, watch the video below.


2) Say Goodbye to Dandruff

Dandruff is nothing but the accumulation of dead skin cells, pollution particles and sweat on the scalp. Jawed Habib says that to get relief from dandruff you need to use a good anti-dandruff shampoo and follow a healthy diet-a diet that is free from junk foods and fried foods. If shampoo and conditioners do not work, then apply a Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) pack on your hair.

Oiling may be a solution to many hair problems, but in the case of dandruff, this practice is more harmful than beneficial. Dandruff-causing yeast consumes saturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are easily found in coconut oil and in olive oil. Jawed Habib says that dandruff is a silent killer and that it is extremely important to get rid of hair dandruff.


3) Stop Hair Fall

Jawed Habib says that many factors contribute to hair fall. These include hair breakage in long hair, using the wrong shampoo, styling your hair incorrectly and using the wrong hair products for your hair. If you have long hair, ensure that you get your hair trimmed on a regular basis.

Massage your hair with slightly warm oil. Giving your hair an oil massage is not only relaxing but it also maintains and improves blood circulation in your scalp. Apply hair packs on your hair and follow a healthy diet that includes green vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, milk, curd and fresh fruit juices.


4) Add Life to Lifeless Hair

Jawed Habib has also given a home remedy to add shine to hair and to remove dryness from hair. Make a hair pack using amla (Indian gooseberry), soapnut (reetha), shikakai and egg white and apply it onto your hair. You can also soak soapnut overnight and then blend it to make a paste. Apply this paste on your hair. After 15-20 minutes, shampoo your hair to wash off the soapnut paste. Get your hair trimmed every 5-6 weeks as well to inject life into them.


5) Grey/White Hair

Always remember that grey/white hair are signs of either ageing or of a wrong lifestyle. Old age cannot be controlled but following a healthy lifestyle can help to control the occurrence of grey/white hair. Jawed Habib says that consuming the right food and drinks, getting enough sleep everyday and drinking lots of water everyday can help delay the occurrence of grey/white hair.

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