5 Things you need to know before buying a microwave?

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In the modern age, Microwave has become the need of every kitchen. A microwave is an essential tool especially for those who need to cook quickly due to the paucity of time. There are many popular companies that sell microwaves in India, but the right microwave should be chosen not just on the basis of the brand, but according to your actual requirements. If you are planning to buy a microwave for your kitchen, then let us give you some quick suggestions so that your money can be spent properly.

First of all, know how many types of microwaves are there and how are they used? The first is the Conventional Microwave – this is a low-cost device that can be used easily for simple tasks like cooking, heating and defrost. The second is Grill Microwave – it is available at slightly higher prices and in addition to cooking ordinary food, other things like baking, grilling, and toasting can also be done using it. The third is the Convection Microwave – which is the highest priced and along with doing all the above-mentioned tasks, spreads evenly the energy needed to make the food crisp, and also gives options to prepare bakery items like biscuits along with barbecue cooking options.

Other Important Information to know About Microwaves

Microwave size and design 

Microwaves come in many sizes, but the size suitable for you is one in which food can be cooked according to your family’s needs. Medium-sized microwaves that are about twenty to thirty liters of capacity are the most popular. Apart from this, choose the microwave as per your kitchen size and available space so that it can be easily kept and operated. To make it a part of your kitchen, we suggest that you buy a microwave that matches your kitchen’s interior design so that the uniformity and aesthetics of your kitchen are maintained.



Many good brands are available in the microwave market, but to choose a brand, consider some important things such as, the warranty period on the device, and which parts of the device are covered in that warranty. In addition to this, it is a must for the brand to have a good customer service & after sales coverage along with the availability of all the spare parts in case of any malfunction.


Automatic sensor and security options 

Whereas the automatic sensor provides an alarm as soon as the food is cooked so that the food doesn’t burn, the child safety lock feature is particularly important for families where there are small children.


Control Panel 

Along with automatic control panel, if your device also has a touch control panel, then it is an added advantage that you can choose the time and energy according to your needs, while the automatic control can be used to operate the microwave in case of the touch control panel developing any snags.


Power consumption 

The higher the power rating given to your device, the more capable it is to save electricity. Power rating is an important aspect of choosing the device. A higher wattage device cooks quickly and usually a one thousand watt microwave is considered suitable for cooking properly.

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