Should you have More than One Child?

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Earlier, people had big families and many children, then the norm shifted to two children but due to the growing popularity of the nuclear families nowadays, most couples decided to have only one child. Today, handling a child is such a big responsibility that having two children means more work and more expenses. Not only does this impact your career but it also eliminates your freedom to some extent. In such a scenario, you need everything to be twice over.

Everybody loves and takes care of the firstborn child, but the second child often gets ignored or less cared for. Before the birth of their second child, many parents are unable to pay attention to the first child, and all that is clearly reflected in the behavior of that child. Because of inflation, it is difficult to take care of the education and upbringing of two children. Many times you get to hear statements such as “Mommy loves Ruhi more” or, “Papa, I also want a bag like Karan.” The younger brother or sister feels very bad when they are given used books, clothes or other such things of their older sibling.

If you have only one child, then the question of comparison or competition does not arise. Many times, it becomes almost impossible to establish a balance between the two children. Often you have to pay more attention to one child and the other one gets ignored. Many times, children think that Mom-Dad only need Karan, not me. It is very difficult for the parents to handle such a situation.

But should couples only have one child? Yes, it is easier to do the best for one child, but if someone tells you to imagine your life without your brother or sister? You will get the answer. No one else can give the love and togetherness that a sibling can. Having two children makes them learn about sharing. Playing together, eating together, siblings learn a lot from each other. The elder sibling loves and takes care of the younger sibling. When parents are not at home, then each other’s company is enough for the siblings. Sharing and solving each other’s problems – a true friend is always with them. Parents can keep the elder sibling’s clothes or accessories for the younger one. With the first child, parents do not have much experience, but when they have their second child they are already seasoned parents. And things that can be taught to you by your brother or sister, can never be taught to you by anyone else in the world.

The number of children to be had depends on a lot of factors such as your circumstances, career, availability of house help, the physical condition of the mother, ability to raise more than one child etc. After all, it depends on the parents how many children they want. What does your experience say?

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