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5 Types of Shoes every Kid should Have

Nithya Lakshmi | March 30, 2018



5 Types of Shoes every Kid should Have

Everyone loves to have different types of shoes and so are kids. They need to have the right shoe for the right occasion so they feel comfortable.  A little research on the same will let you understand what type of shoe best suits your kid to make them feel happy. Listed below are five different must have type of shoes for kids.

1. Sneakers

sneakers shoes english

Irrespective of any occasion, a pair of sneakers in any common colors like blue, pink, white or black is a must-have for your kids. They can step out in sneakers with ease and this will make them look smart with whatever they wear. There are a variety of sneakers in the market exclusively designed for kids.


2. Formal shoes

formal shoes english

Your kids must have a pair of formal shoes as they have to wear them to school every day. A pair of black school shoes made out of leather is a must. Find a shoe that will not hurt your kid’s foot but makes them feel comfortable wearing it to school every day.


3. Ballerinas

ballerinas shoes english

Fancy belly shoes are another must-have shoes for kids. Kids love attending birthday parties and wearing those sparkling belly shoes in match with their attire will definitely make them feel elated and satisfied. Grab these colorful glittery shoes to let them step out in style.


4. Boots

boots shoes english

When you are planning to step out, letting them wear a pair of boots is very protective. It goes in match with any outfit and is also well covered till the knee or ankle allowing them to walk conveniently. Boots come in handy when you holiday out with your kids.


5. Sports shoes

sports shoes english

Every kid loves sports activities. Wearing the right sports shoes is a must so they enjoy playing and are also safe while they run and jump around. A pair of branded sports shoes will never go wasted. Buy the best sports shoes in their favorite color to make them feel excited.This will also keep them motivated for a sport of their interest.