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How to Make Picky-Eaters have Food?

Riya Aggarwal | March 30, 2018

Every mother faces a huge challenge while making her child eat. Children are so picky while eating and mothers keep running around them. Here are 5 ways to make your picky eater eat:

1. Give them a variety of Foods

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We can’t have the same food every day, so how can we expect kids to have the same food every day? Kids want something new every day! They get bored with the same food every day so try to make them have something new every day.


2. Give them colorful foods

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Children love colors, so give them colorful foods such as colorful Idlis, rice etc. You can add color to your kid’s food in many natural ways. Use saffron strands or turmeric powder to get a yellow color, carrots for a red color and peas to get a green color.


3. Decorate their Plates

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Just putting food on the plate will not make kids happy. Kids also like decoration. Shape food into different animals or make a rainbow from the food and serve it to your kids.


4. Make them Drink Less Water

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While eating food or half an hour before eating food, ensure that your kids do not drink water or any other liquids. Making kids drink water reduces their appetite, owing to which they do not have their food.


5. Remove Distractions

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Kids distracted by the television, mobile phone or other electronic devices or media do not listen to what their parents say. In some way or the other, remove such distractions and make your kids have their food. Tell them an interesting story or play interesting games with them in order to make them have their food.

We hope that with these tricks, you are able to make your kids have their food.

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Riya Aggarwal


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