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Best cities to live in India according to us

Nithya Lakshmi | March 31, 2018



Best cities to live in India according to us

Deciding on which city to get settled in India is a question of concern to most of the people as factors like pollution, safety, kids education, a scope for growth, job availability all matters. India is a country filled with tradition and one can find a lot of opportunities is many cities. We have confined the most popular and well-versed cities to live in India according to us.

1. Pune

pune cities

Rated as the second best city to live in India, Pune is well known for its educational facilities. With a hygienic climate which is not so polluted like cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore, one can definitely enjoy living here with lower township rates and with a facility to reach other cities by air. With major IT parks and automotive industries here, Pune has a great vibe for youngsters.


2. Hyderabad

hyderabad cities

The city of pearls is undoubtedly the best choice to get settled if you are hunting for one. Hyderabad is known for its lowest crime rate comparatively and is lesser in pollution due to which it is still rated high among the other cities in India. The cost of living is way too lower than Bangalore. With a lot of entertainment and scope for growth, this city will never leave you disappointed once you are here.


3. Chennai

chennai cities

If you want to get indulged in the taste of South Indian cuisine like Dosa, Idli combined with a peaceful work atmosphere then look no further than Chennai. The city filled with Tamil culture is way better in pollution and traffic than Mumbai and Bangalore. The city has a lot to explore with temples, museums, classical dance shows, Carnatic music shows, cinemas and much more.


4. Mumbai

mumbai cities

If you wish to own an apartment in the coastal line along with a job of your choice with a breath of Bollywood all around you then go to Mumbai. The city has a lot to offer when it comes to business, food and stay. There are excellent schools for education, transportation facilities and ample of entertainment for all kinds of people.


5. Kolkata

kolkata cities

Known for its national monuments and a wide range of cuisine, this city is sure to bring joy to young adults and families if settled here. With a good job in hand, Kolkata is one of the best places to live as it is much cheaper when compared to cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. You can choose places like Dum Dum, Alipore, Behala, Salt Lake to live.


6. Kochi

kochi cities

As popularly known as God’s own country, Kerala has a lot more cities that deserve to be settled in when compared to other states in India. Kochi has become one of those best cities with the metro facilities, a better scope for higher education, job opportunities, peaceful climate and what not. One must definitely live in Kochi to experience its climate, beaches, parks, backwaters, churches and a variety of Kerala food!