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5 Uncommon Ways to make your Periods Less Painful

Parul Sachdeva | April 5, 2018

5 Uncommon Ways to make your Periods Less Painful

No matter how many periods we get in our lifetime, we feel irritated, nervous and knackered every time. The associated aches and pain are just unbearable at times. You will be amazed to know some simple things that can make big differences when you are on your periods. Here are 5 uncommon simple ways to make your period less painful-

1. Cut down on salt intake

Eat less salt.period less painful

Crisps, chips, fritters, French fries and many of the Indian namkeens are fully loaded with salt and they are not doing any good for the pain you are suffering.  Make an effort to eat less salty foods. And when you are the chef, you have full authority to use less sodium than your tongue is craving for.


2. Do Vinyasa flow yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga.period less painful

Undoubtedly exercise helps in a big way with premenstrual symptoms like fatigue and cramping. Those who are approaching their periods, it is recommended to do vinyasa flow. This type of yoga involves a specific sequence of poses which allows you to move the body gently. Learn more about vinyasa yoga by clicking here-



3. Lavender works miraculously

Lavender.period less painful

Every woman loves to get pampered especially if she is menstruating. Putting a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow can help you sleep like a baby. If lavender oil is not available, grab some lavender scented candles or incense to freshen up the air. Lavender is blessed with a lovely relaxing smell that can relieve your pain in no time.


4. Apply pressure on the pressure points

bigger rushing point.period less painful

You can use pressure points to tackle period pain and achieve great success. One of them is-The bigger rushing point- this is a point on the top of your foot, locate the web of skin between your big toe and the toe next to it. Put your index finger and press gently on this spot towards the direction of your second toe for a minute. Repeat and try to do on both feet together.


5. Feast on nuts and green leafy vegetables

Nuts & green leafy vegetables.period less painful

Many studies have revealed that crunching nuts and green leafy vegetables can do wonders while you are on your periods. They reduce cramps and lower down the intensity of the period pain.

Hope the above remedies help you to get rid of your period pains. If you know any other unusual yet simple remedy, please do share with us!

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