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How I fought Hair Fall after Pregnancy

Nithya Lakshmi | April 5, 2018


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How I fought Hair Fall after Pregnancy

My pregnancy was such a beautiful gift and just like every pregnant woman loves to go through such a stage to become a mother, I too loved to cherish it. But there came a lot of hormonal changes and mood swings during and after my pregnancy.  The most annoying of all was my hair fall. I struggled a lot to get rid of my hair fall and tried a lot of remedies from various sources both natural and chemical. But nothing helped. I was so disheartened and didn’t know what to do.

Little did I know I had a solution right in front of me! A friend of mine who is an Ayurvedic practitioner told me about the three magical ingredients that can work wonders for hair. I ended up with these most affordable products – Yogurt, egg and olive oil. I  simply mixed the three ingredients and applied the paste as a hair mask once in a week. This helped in cleansing and conditioning my hair scalp.

This is how these three simple ingredients helped me:

1. Egg

egg hair fall english

Egg white helped in conditioning my oily hair. You can use egg yolk if your hair is dry. It helps in moisturizing.


2. Yogurt

curd hair fall english

Yogurt was very useful for cleansing my hair. Yogurt has lactic acids and is filled with proteins that kill dead cells and strengthens the hair.


3. Olive oil

olive oil

 All the split ends and breakages with dandruff were effectively controlled by olive oil. A must-have for hair fall treatment.

I started to apply the mask every week and my hair fall gradually reduced over time. It took around a month or two to see the results of this wonderful hair mask. I used it regularly and my happiness knew no bounds once my long shiny hair was restored back to form.

Apart from this, another very important thing I did was to stop thinking about my hair. Thinking about it was making me stressed and I was losing more hair. It was a vicious circle. I just focused on the good things like my little daughter! In such a short span of time, she has become the source of my happiness.

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