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5 Useful Tips to Choose the Correct Bra

Riya Aggarwal | May 9, 2018

According to a recent survey, 80% of Indian women wear the wrong bra size. This statistic is true to some extent because whenever we go bra shopping we often think we have chosen the right bra size, but that is not always the case. In addition to spoiling the shape of the breasts, wearing a wrong bra size can lead to ailments such as a backache and shoulder ache. In fact, science supports the claim made above. According to Science, breasts contain a ‘Cooper ligament’ that is not strong enough. Wearing the wrong bra size, makes this ligament even looser, thereby causing breasts to sag.

BetterButter brings to you some tips that can help you choose the right bra size for yourself-

1. The Bra shouldn’t be too Loose or too Tight

well-fitted correct bra english

Your bra should be well-fitted from all sides. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. If 2 fingers can easily go under the back band of the bra, it means that the bra size is correct for you. If the bra straps are constantly falling off your shoulders or you spend the whole day tightening your bra straps, this means that the bra is big for you.  


2. Full Coverage

demi correct bra english

The bra cup should be such, that the entire breast easily fits into it. The breasts should not be sagging downwards towards the underwire of the bra. If the bra bands are poking you in any way, it means that your bra is too big for you. If the bra band is moving upwards or the lower part of your breasts comes out of the bra, when you stretch your hands above your head, it means that the bra is big for you. If, towards the back of your bra, mass is being accumulated it again means that the bra is big for you. Short people often find it hard to find the right bra size for themselves, so choose a ‘demi-bra’ because the bands of the bra are small, therefore they do not poke your armpit when worn.


3) Right Material

right material correct bra english

Choosing a soft and relaxing bra not only allows you to breathe easily but also allows you to feel good about yourself. It is a good idea to not wear an underwire bra because in this bra, there is not much room for expansion. A synthetic or padded bra can also be difficult to wear.


4) The Right Bra provides Good Support

support correct bra english

Breast muscles are found deep inside the breast, owing to which breasts are not well-supported. A good bra will provide good support to your breasts.


5) How to Measure Correctly

measure size correct bra english

Use a measuring tape to correctly measure your bra size. Place one end of the measuring tape under the lower part of the breasts. Take the other end of the measuring tape under the breasts and around the back till both ends of the measuring tape meet. Whatever number you get, add 5 to it-that is your bra size. For example, after measuring if you get 29, add 5 to it: 29+5=34. This means that your bra size is 34.


Our Recommendation

Different types of bras are easily available in the market. Whichever bra you choose, don’t forget to follow the above mentioned rules.


Image Source: Talking Bra, Readers Digest, Violante, Vintage

Riya Aggarwal


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