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5 Yummy & Quick Recipes using Leftovers

Nupur Kumari | May 9, 2018

Many times it happens that when we make a dish, we make more than the required quantity. In this case, the next day we do not see any other option except to throw away the remaining dish. In this situation, if we come to know about some quick and delicious recipes that can be made using the remaining food, we can minimize our food wastage.

So let’s see some interesting and delicious recipes that we can make from leftovers-

1) Roti Chivda

Chidwa is a Rajasthani dish. It is a nutritious dish in which minerals and vitamins are found in abundance. If you have leftover chapatis, break them into small pieces and by adding spices and dry fruits we can make tasty chidwa from it. You can enjoy it with tea or coffee.

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2) Handvo

Handvo is a Gujarati dish which is popularly known as vegetable cake. If you have some leftover Idli batter, then you can mix it with your favorite vegetables and spices mentioned in the recipe below. It is delicious and nutritious and very popular among kids.

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3) Taco

Taco is a much sought-after dish of children. If you have some leftover parathas, then you can make taco from it. To make it, crush the parathas and fill them with the desired vegetables. You can also use cheese to make it tastier as children are fond of cheese.

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4) Indo-Chinese Fried Chapati

This is an Indo-Chinese dish which is made with leftover chapatis. It contains a lot of vegetables. Having a Chinese flavor it is really very popular among kids for its great taste. Besides having a great taste it is really very healthy, so we don’t need to worry about health with this recipe.

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5) Leftover Mashed Potato Cheddar Ranch Cake

Recipes made from potatoes are always loved by children. If you have a bowl of leftover boiled potatoes, instead of throwing them away, mash them with your hands and mix it with the ingredients mentioned in the recipe below and give it the shape of a cake. After this, fry it in oil and serve hot. It tastes great and is healthy too.

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So from now onwards you can also make some delicious dishes instead of throwing the remaining food in your house, which is delicious to have and healthy too.

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