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5 Ways to Make your Arms Look Slimmer

Nupur Kumari | May 16, 2018

We have a tendency to get conscious about our looks when our body gets a bit chubby. We are less concerned about this in winters as we have clothes like sweaters, pullovers, coats etc. which do not reveal our arms, but what about summers? In the summers, your arm fat will show completely. 99% of women feel uncomfortable by the upper part of their arms being a bit chubby. So, what should you do?

Don’t worry! Here are some hacks that make your arms look slimmer and stylish-

1. Wear ¾ sleeves

If you also want to hide the upper part of your arms, then the choosing clothes with ¾ sleeves can be very useful. When we wear half sleeve or sleeveless clothes, it draws attention towards our upper arms. And we have a good news for you that full sleeves clothes are trending nowadays. Be it a blouse, t-shirt or suits, ¾ sleeves add special charm to your appearance and provide a proper balance to your look. You can also try clothes with embroidery or trendy patterns on neck and shoulders. Look up to Sonakshi Sinha and Rani Mukherjee for inspiration.


2. Wear relaxed clothes

It is a very big mistake that we try to forcefully wear our old clothes, and by doing so, the obesity of our arms is visible through the blouse and suit. Stay away from ill-fitting and tight clothes. We should always wear such clothes that provide proper space for each and every part of our body.


3. Choose Clothes with Small Prints

There is hardly anyone who minds wearing clothes with different prints. But when it comes to making your arms look slimmer, one must be really careful with printed clothes. Instead of bold and large prints, dress in clothes with small prints. A strict “NO” to horizontal stripes. Eventually, when the top and bottom wear are of matching colour, our joy knows no bounds. This makes a vertical pattern which makes us look slim and attractive.


4. Gor for Long and wide sleeves

Wearing full sleeve clothes in summers can sometimes be troublesome but if it is a bit wide along the long, it acts as a savior. Kimono Sleeves, Long Flutter Sleeves, and Bell Sleeves are some of the most attractive options for this. Poncho and Kaftan suits can also help your arms look slender and beautiful. Laces and nets are also a remedy for this problem.


5. Wear the right color and fabric

Designer Neeta Lulla suggests that the smartest way to hide the problem areas of your body is to wear dark coloured clothes. Never wear clothes with puffed sleeves. Wearing clothes that are made of light fabric will help you in looking slimmer. Even your standing and sitting posture can help you look slim. For example, while getting clicked, make a triangle while resting your hand fixed on your waist. This makes you look slimmer and hides your problem areas. By the way, this is a trending pose as well!

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