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How to make your Child stop fearing Maths

Ankit Kumar | May 16, 2018

Children begin to sweat off even before the maths classes start. Most children shy away from solving maths, and even after innumerable efforts of the parents, it is hard to get children interested in maths. This is the primary reason why many children aren’t able to perform well in exams. Parents even try different coaching classes to improve their child’s mathematics skills but to no avail.

If you too are suffering from the same then don’t worry. Today we are going to tell you some ways by which you can make your child develop an interest in maths-

1) Build Confidence

While solving maths problems, if a child finds any question hard to understand or gets a low score on the Maths exams, the child tends to become nervous and loses his/her confidence. Always keep on boosting your child’s confidence and tell them ‘you can do it’. Doing so will help your child regain his/ her confidence and he/she will begin to work his/her way out from the troubles of mathematics.


2) Use Technology

Today there are many tools in the market that are very helpful in teaching your children. Nowadays most children have a great affection for electronic devices anyway, so one can easily use these tools along with books to teach maths to their kids. This will provide children with various mathematical tricks and tips making maths an easy subject for them to understand and excel in. Children will also remember the maths formula and the tables while playing with the gadgets.


3) Play Around with Numbers

Make children play number games and join them in playing these games. By playing such games your children will be able to solve small mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction without much effort and this will also boost their mental development. Numerical games increase the child’s ability to think. There are some simple games with dice such as rolling five dices and challenging your child to make a number like 25 out of the dice.


4) Mistakes are Fine

Like all people, children also learn from their mistakes.  You shouldn’t start scolding your children about the mistakes they make while studying. Eventually, children will learn from their mistakes and develop as they grow. Also, keep encouraging them to try again and again until they succeed in getting it right.


5) Make a Guess

Letting your child guess the answer as getting an approximate value while solving maths is also an art. Try to confuse them even when they give the correct answer. Ask them questions like – Do you think the answer you’ve got is bigger or smaller than the right answer? This will increase the ability of the child to guess the right answer and at the same time, make them more confident.


6) Strengthen Basic Skills

Having a strong base in maths is of utmost importance. Try to make your child master small mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and subtraction. Ask them simple questions related to addition or subtraction. These will help to strengthen their basic math skills.


7) Learn Primary Maths Yourself

If you’re looking for details of what your child is learning in their primary school, you should pick the book and learn it yourself, this way you will have some tricks to help them with new concepts or use games to make maths fun.

Always encourage your child even when he/she feels bogged down or demotivated. Your constant support and love can make your child achieve anything in life.

Image credits – Imagesbazaar, Pixabay.

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