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5 Wildlife Sanctuaries you Must Visit with Kids

Nithya Lakshmi | July 24, 2018

If you are still wondering where to take your kids for a long weekend or for a mini-vacation, then here’s a list of a few wildlife sanctuaries that you must visit with your children! Seeing animals in their natural environments will make this visit a memorable experience for your kids.  This trip will also help your kids learn more about the rich flora and fauna that is found in India. 

1) Sundar Ban National Park, West Bengal

If you want to show your kids the famous Bengal tigers, then the Sundar Bans is the place to go. This national park is the home of 270 tigers. Huge! Isn’t it?

Besides this, the Sundar Bans are also famous for their ghost stories, mudflats, and crocodiles. Holiday Island is known for its barking deer, whereas Bharatpur is known for their crocodile breeding farm. Spread over 500 sq. km, you will have to take a boat to reach this national park.  Enjoy your boat ride to the National Park and be sure to visit the Temple of Bonbibi, the Goddess who protects the locals from the tigers.


2) Ranthambore, Rajasthan

If you have a zeal for wildlife photography,  then the Ranthambore Sanctuary is sure to amaze you with all its wildlife inhabitants. You can catch a canter or a jeep to go into the thick forest area in search of the majestic Bengal tiger.

The Ranthambore Wildlife Park is spread over an area of 1,344 and has a lake, along with a fort within the dense forest area. Your heart is sure to skip a beat when you find a ferocious tiger walking around. Bringing your kids to this sanctuary will be a thrilling experience for them. Your kids will surely carry back some great memories of this trip with them. The gravel roads and the wildlife park, situated away from the main city, itself attracts a whole host of tourists and wildlife photographers. 


3) Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Another place where you can find Bengal tigers is the Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary. Besides tigers, you can find leopards, wild elephants and a lot of flora and fauna here.

Situated in the state of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett is a haven for a number of bird species. Tourists visiting this park can choose to go on safaris such as an elephant safari, jeep or canter safari or simply enjoy a ride around with their friends and family. The Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary is the only sanctuary that allows visitors to stay overnight. The sanctuary is also divided into different zones in order to protect both the tourists and the sanctuary’s natural inhabitants.


4) Gir National Park, Gujarat

The Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is located 64 km away from the city of Junagadh in Gujarat.  The sanctuary attracts around 65,000 visitors every year and is a fortress for about 411 Asiatic lions.

If the wild deer, tiger, and crocodiles bore you then visit this wildlife park that is exclusively maintained for the Asiatic lions, who are taken care of by the Maldharis (herder).  The mighty lions live in this 1,400 wide park, which is a must-visit during the monsoons. Enjoy watching a pride of lions stalking around this park with the help of your local guide.


5) Bandipur National Park, Karnataka

Looking for a destination that mixes fun and learning? Then look no further than the  Bandipur National park in Karnataka.  Visit this park with your kids and show them how animals such as tigers, leopards, bison, elephants, and deer live in their natural environment.

This wildlife habitat is situated in Karnataka and was once owned by the Maharajas of Mysore. Spread over 874, this sanctuary is known as the home of the Asiatic elephants, but you can find a few tigers here as well.  At Bandipur, wild animals are easily seen moving around and you can have a great time in this forest reserve with your family.

Image source: Wikipedia, Wikipedia Commons

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