6 Simple Home Decor Tips

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If you have a zeal for colors and trendy interiors then decorating your home all by yourself is fun. While there are many designers costing oodles of amount to decorate a small space, you can try them all on your own by keeping it simple yet attractive.

These tips and tricks will help you decorate your space in few days time:

1. Get rid of boring walls

wall-stickers home decors

Is your kitchen wall or the one in your living room looking the same and boring? Recreate it in your own style. Use stencils to paint a design of your interest or use a wallpaper partially or fully as it best suits and enjoy the new look.


2. Deal with your doors

door knocker home decors

Give your boring doors a trendy touch by adding those extras like a door knocker or a colorful quoted board. Door knockers come in iron or brass.You can go with an antique style or a quirky one.


3. Use Screens

screens home decors

Screens come in different types like laced screens, transparent ones, wooden and even in pearls. You can divide a living room or cover a shit out partly. You can also use the cloth for your wall size windows.


4. Have a customized headboard

rug-headboard home decors

If you can’t go with a very common headboard make it as you wish by adding a picture collage.This will give a trendy touch. You can also paint patterns of your choice to make it look adorable.


5. Make use of the open shelves

shelves home decors

Open shelves can be used artistically. If you have a collection of jars, plates, and other utensils that antique or of a unique design then place them on these shelves for a distinct look. You can also arrange a series of the same kind of colored mugs or storage containers to give a colorful look.


6. Choose your room color wisely

bedroom color home decors

Select two or three colors and repeat the same in all that is in your room so it gets that bold look. Else you can go for pastel or light colors and use a pop color to highlight the features.

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