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9 Ways to figure out if your Kids are Lying to you

Riya Aggarwal | April 13, 2018

In today’s day and age, parents do not have the time to give their full attention to their child. It is because of this that children start hiding things from their parents and start lying to them. Kids usually start to lie at home or at school.

Let us now look at a few signs that may indicate that your child is lying to you:

1. Not looking at you while Talking

When children do not look you in the eye while talking to you, it may mean that they are lying to you. Kids do so because at that time they feel scared that you will come to know that they are lying to you.

2. Aggressive Behaviour

After lying to you, if you ask your child questions he/she may become aggressive in his/her response and may respond to the asked question in a very reluctant manner.


3.  Stuttering/Stammering while Talking

When a child is stammering/stuttering when responding to you, it may indicate that he/she is lying to you. The stammering and stuttering is mainly because of the fear that you may catch their lie.

4.  Loss of Self-Confidence

When you feel your child is not very confident talking to you and he/she is speaking in a scared manner, this behaviour may indicate that your child has been lying to you.

5. Changing the Topic

When kids do not give you a direct response and are constantly changing the topic of discussion, it could be a sign that your child is lying to you.

6. Biting their Nails while Responding to Questions

If instead of responding to the question being asked, your child starts biting his/her nails, it could imply that he/she is lying to you.

7. Behaving in Weird Ways

When you notice a difference in your child’s behaviour or when you observe that your child is not behaving like he/she usually behaves, it could mean that your child has been lying to you.

8. Staying Away from Family

Sometimes when the whole family is sitting together and rather than sitting with the family, your child sits alone somewhere else, this behaviour may imply that your child has something in his/her mind that he/she doesn’t want to share with anyone.

9. Loss of Concentration

If you notice a loss of concentration in your child and your child not doing activities such as playing and studying whole-heartedly, it may mean that your child has been lying to you.

If you think your kids are lying to you, understand their situation and then talk to them about it. If this habit is not improved during a child’s childhood years, it could be extremely dangerous for your child’s future. So put a stop to this extremely serious habit as soon as possible. To successfully do so, you will also have to make small changes within yourself:

  • Don’t be too strict with kids.
  • Trust your child.
  • Have a peaceful environment at home.
  • Don’t lie in front of your kids or you’ll be setting a bad example for them.
  • Don’t pressurize your child in any way.

So understand and recognize your kids today and if you think that they have been lying to you, put an immediate stop to this habit.

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