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7 Anxiety-Causing Foods you Must Avoid

Bindiya Sharma | November 26, 2018

When we hear the word “Anxiety,” it seems to be a minor ailment, but for those who are suffering from it, it is a big problem. It has been observed that in proportion to the elderly, people less than thirty-five years of age are found to be more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders. In such individuals, this problem is generally circumstantial and can trigger off anywhere and at any time. But do you know that there are some foods that can increase this problem? Let us see which are those foods that increase tension, stress or anxiety.


1) Caffeine

Caffeine fills you with lots of energy and keeps you alert as well, but apart from this it can also enhance anxiety. The reason for this is that caffeine suppresses serotonin in the brain and this in turn makes you feel depressed and irritable. Caffeine makes more urine in the body and it leads to dehydration and this can also lead to depression. Along with this, caffeine also impedes deep sleep and increases stress.


2) Sugar

Sugar causes anxiety because it produces a spike in the blood sugar levels of the body. To combat this, your body produces more insulin and in this process the body gets exhausted. Fruit juice is equally detrimental because its effect is similar to sugary foods. You feel good temporarily while eating sweets, cakes, and other sweet things, but the sugar present in it only works to increase your stress and anxiety.


3) Maida

Refined flours are also like sugar, as sugar is hidden in them in the form of starch and the body processes them in the same way as sugar. By eating sandwiches, cakes, donuts and maida goods, the level of sugar in the blood increases and this leads to an increase in the level of cortisol and adrenaline and as a result increases the stress and anxiety in the body. It is better to eat whole grains instead.


4) Milk/Milk Products

Dairy products contain proteins called casein. In animals, casein provides amino acids, carbohydrates, and two essential elements, calcium and phosphorus for newborns. It is found in all high-protein dairy products such as milk, curd, cheese and ice cream.Casein is seen to cause many mental conditions including anxiety and depression. But not every person is sensitive to casein. So if you want to know whether you are sensitive to it or not, then leave it for a month and see whether there is any difference in your anxiety or depression levels.


5) Energy Drinks

Your favorite energy drinks which fill you with new passion and energy, also serve to increase your depression and anxiety for free. These drinks, filled with caffeine, sugar and other chemicals, cause abnormal heart rate and disturbed sleep. They also increase the feelings of anxiety and depression at a rapid pace. Research shows that there is a deep connection between sugar or artificial sweeteners and depression, so it is best to stay away from all of these.


6) Hidden Sugar

Even if you are not eating sugar, it is important for you to know that there are many such packaged or ready to eat items in which lots of sugar is hidden such as ketchup, sauces, low fat curd, granola etc. High levels of sugar increase cortisol and adrenaline and consequently increase your stress.


7) Alcohol

Because alcohol is considered to create depression, it increases your anxiety and stress. Perhaps you feel good for a while with the intake, but as soon as the effect of alcohol gets over, deep sleep gets disturbed. Often sleep is broken due to bad dreams and panic attacks and gradually this condition can change into insomnia. Alcohol taken to get rid of anxiety only serves to increase it even more.

By minimizing all of these foods in your diet, you can control your anxiety and depression symptoms. They will be helpful in making you feel much better, leaving or avoiding these foods will also improve your overall health. With the advice of the doctor, by avoiding any one or all of these 7 foods, you might not need to take any medicines for anxiety.

Image Source: Public Domain Pictures Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, pixnio, Wikipedia

Bindiya Sharma




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