7 Easy Ways to Remove Insecticides & Pesticides from Fruits and Veggies

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We all know that the fruits and the vegetables that we consume today are treated with lots of chemicals and pesticides. Now the question arises that, do all the pesticides and chemicals get washed away when we rinse the fruits and vegetables under running water? The answer to this is a very simple and straightforward – “NO”. Washing fruits and vegetables under running water only remove dust and soil from them, not pesticides and insecticides. So, what is the solution to such a serious issue?

BetterButter explains 7 easy ways to remove these stubborn insecticides and pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

1) Wash Immediately with Cold Water

Washing vegetables and fruits with cold water eliminates 70% to 80% of the insecticidal and pesticidal residues.


2) Plastic Scrub

Use a plastic brush or scrub on potatoes, cucumber, beetroot and other such vegetables whose outer skin is thick.


3) Apple Vinegar

Prepare a mixture that contains 4 parts of water and 1 part of apple vinegar. Soak the vegetables and fruits in it for 30 minutes and then remove them. Now, wash them well with cold water.


4) Peeling is a Perfect Solution

The easiest and correct solution for this is to peel vegetables and fruits before using, as most of the germs that are caused due to insecticides and pesticides are in the outermost part.


5) Turmeric is Beneficial

To remove insecticides and pesticides present in green vegetables, mix 2 to 3 pinches of turmeric in lukewarm water and wash the green vegetables in it. This is done because turmeric contains many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds.


6) Salt Water

Soak the vegetables for 10 minutes in salt water and then wash them with clean water. By doing this, those insecticides and pesticides are also removed which remain even after washing with cold water. But this trick is not for soft fruit like grapes or berries.


7) Homemade Wash Spray

Take 1 cup water, add 2 spoons baking soda and 1 teaspoon lemon juice to it. Fill the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the vegetables. Leave it for 5 minutes, then wash the vegetables with clean water.

Hope you found the above information useful. If you know any other way to wash pesticides from fruits and veggies, please share with us!

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