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7 Mistakes to Avoid while Washing your Face

Riya Aggarwal | November 5, 2018



7 Mistakes to Avoid while Washing your Face

Cleansing is an important part of every woman’s skincare routine. However, despite regular cleansing, many women still face skin breakouts. If you also can’t understand what’s going wrong in your skincare routine, let us help you out.

Sometimes women unknowingly tend to make a few mistakes while washing their face. If you are also guilty of the mistakes mentioned below, then these mistakes may actually be the reason behind those skin breakouts that you are suffering from.


1) Using the Wrong Face Cleanser

This is the most common mistake that women tend to make. Before buying a face cleanser, it is very important for you to know the kind of skin you have. Every skin type is different, and that is why cosmetic companies have launched face cleansers for different types of skin.

  • If you have sensitive skin, use a gentle and hydrating cleanser.
  • If you have oily or acne-prone skin, use a foaming or salicylic acid-based cleanser to remove the excess oil and dirt from your skin.  
  • If you have dry skin, use a cream-based cleanser as this will help your skin’s top layer retain its moisture.


2) Washing your Face with Dirty Hands

Before washing your face, wash your hands to make sure that they are clean. In your day-to-day life, your hands touch a lot of things-be it cell phones or door knobs. All the surfaces that you touch, transfer bacteria onto your hands. When you use these hands to wash your face, the bacteria immediately gets transferred from your hands to your face, thereby causing skin breakouts and other skin problems.


3) Not Washing your Face before going to Bed

Always wash your face at night! Even if you are tired, do not compromise on washing your face at night. During the day, various oils and sweat accumulate on the surface of the skin. Since we are exposed to the environment, pollution, dust and dirt naturally build up on the outer layer of the skin. Not removing all this dirt and dust from your face at the end of the day can lead to skin irritation, skin inflammation and acne.


4) Never Use Hot Water to wash your Face

Dermatologists say that only lukewarm water should be used to wash your face, even during the winter season. They say that washing your face with hot water harms the delicate skin of the face. Hot water causes the blood vessels to dilate, which leads to the breakage of delicate tissue. Dermatologists also say that using hot water to wash your face strips the face of its natural oil barrier. This oil barrier is necessary to maintain the integrity of your facial skin, otherwise your facial skin will become flaky, dry and itchy over time.


5) Moisturize your Face after Washing it

It is very important to moisturize your face immediately after you have washed it. Doing so allows the damp skin on the face to easily lock in hydration. Moisturizers provide some essential nurturing ingredients to your skin, which leave you with clean and hydrated skin. If your facial moisturizer does not have SPF, apply a sunscreen on top as well.


6) You are Applying the Face Cleanser in an Incorrect Way

Yes! There is a right and a wrong way to apply cleanser on your face. While using the cleanser, it is very important to apply it gently on your face. Rather than rubbing your face with the cleanser, massage your cleanser lightly onto the skin. Rinse the cleanser off and then follow it up with your normal skincare routine.


7) Do not use the Face Cleanser as a Makeup Remover

You are already aware of how important it is to remove all your makeup before going to bed. Furthermore, you should never use your face cleanser as a makeup remover. Most of the makeup you apply is smudge proof and/or water proof. Just washing your face with a cleanser will not thoroughly remove all the makeup from your face. Therefore, it is very important to use a gentle makeup removing wipe, micellar water or an oil-based makeup remover to remove all your makeup before washing your face.

Avoid making the aforementioned mistakes while washing your face. You will, over time, see the difference that this makes to your skin.

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